Meet TYPO3 at
Boye 22

Aarhus, Denmark

TYPO3 is a member of Boye & co’s CMS Experts group. This is a forum where CMS analysts, thinkers, practitioners, experts, and vendors meet to discuss and share thoughts and ideas. At Boye 22, the group will hear about current topics like headless, performance, security and privacy, while also tackling business and content topics. This is a place to meet practitioners and hear case studies with an under-the-hood look at how they think content management.

Boye 22 is one of multiple annual digital leadership conferences organized by Danish internet entrepreneur Janus Boye and Boye & co. Their focus is on the value of openness, friendliness and honesty in a profession where so much is based on the intangibles of know-how and experience. 

Mathias Bolt Lesniak from the TYPO3 Association Board will participate in the CMS Experts track on the second day of this three-day conference. Many will recognize the keynote speaker, Rasmus Skjoldan, from his time in the TYPO3 community. He is currently CMO of Magnolia CMS.