TYPO3 International Meetup Days (online)


TYPO3 International Meetup Days 2020 is a series of online events culminating with a full day of interactivity and sharing on the 16th of December, aiming to bring together open source web development communities from all over the world, promote TYPO3 to everyone and build cultural and business bridges across borders and continents.

T3IMD will include ample networking opportunities and many interesting interactive panels, discussing the hot topics of the day, the way that the current pandemic transformed our work, the perspectives of agile approaches in our development projects, of international business cooperation and cross-cultural interactions, the ways to make the TYPO3 world larger and much more.

Find out more, register, or choose to sponsor T3IMD20 on https://t3imd20.typo3.com/.

T3IMD20 is an independently organized, not-for-profit community event, initiated and run by a team that has also started the TYPO3 East Europe and supported by the TYPO3 Association.

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