TYPO3 Headless & PWA CodeSprint – Online

Hello there!

On the 9-10th of July, we join together during the remote TYPO3 Headless & PWA CodeSprint! We invite developers and integrators to participate in the open-source initiative! The event will last for two days straight.

The Code Sprint roadmap:

! During the sprint we will work on both TYPO3 API and JS application !

The backlog includes topics like:

  • improving documentation
  • adding more tests to headless
  • publishing and tuning the support for EXT:Form, EXT:powermail and EXT:solr for Headless (both frontend and API side)
  • tuning compatibility of headless when having multiple websites in one installation (headless and non headless)
  • investigating how to simplyfy the server proxy config (e.g. to be able to reuse the same domain for frontend and api)
  • adding cross domain link support
  • upgrading nuxt-typo3 to newest vue.js version
  • adding more commonly used parts to nuxt-typo3

... and more.

Skills required (just one from the list is enough):

  • TYPO3 Development skills if you want to get involved in improving the API
  • Vue.js knowledge (ideally being familiar with nuxt.js) if you want to work on JS application.
  • Technical writing skills for helping with documentation
  • Testing skills

Installation requirements:
System with a working Docker, Docker-compose, DDEV and Mkcert.
Installation instructions of DDEV: https://ddev.readthedocs.io/en/stable/ 


More info:
TYPO3 Headless extension: github.com/TYPO3-Initiatives/headless
Nuxt-TYPO3 module: github.com/TYPO3-Initiatives/nuxt-typo3
Read more about the: TYPO3 Progressive Web Apps Initiative
TYPO3 PWA: https://t3pwa.com/
Documentation: https://typo3-initiatives.github.io/nuxt-typo3/

Any questions?
Please contact: m.siegien(at)macopedia.com
Slack TYPO3: https://my.typo3.org/about-mytypo3org/slack
Slack channel: #initiative-pwa