Fluid 3.0 Workshop in Denmark

The focus of the workshop is:

  • Convert all source code to PHP 7.2 minimum and implement strict types. This is why the name of the workshop is Fluid 3.0, as this conversion is the basis for the next major release.

  • A major refactoring of the internal components to unify Fluid’s patterns. Fluid is using a variety of classes to do very similar things. The goal of this task is to unify these into a smaller set of more generic components that are able to perform all the current tasks in Fluid, and much more.

  • Improvements for documentation and documentation generating. First of all, Fluid needs better, dedicated documentation and new documentation is required for the new capabilities added by the refactoring of Fluid’s internal components. Secondly, Fluid is capable of automatically generating documentation in the form of XSD files and being in the same location provides us with a great opportunity to improve this feature to work better with the way documentation is presented on the TYPO3 web site.

Program / Schedule

  • Doors open on 20 June 08:00.

  • 09:00 short introduction of the workshop.

  • Doors close again on 22 June around 15:00.