TYPO3 Association General Assembly 2019

Leipzig, Germany


12:45 - 13:00 Registration
13:00 - 16:00 General Assembly

Program / Schedule

The planned agenda of the General Assembly is:

  • Election of the person in charge of counting the votes
  • Protocol of the prior Assembly
  • Annual report by the Chairman
  • Annual balance sheet and report by the accountants. Disencumbering of members of the board, cashier, accountants and commissions
  • Admission and suspension of members
  • Budget for the running year
  • Determination of admission fees and annual dues for all types of members
  • Elections of
    • Members of the board (Chairman, Vice-chairman, Secretary und Cashier)
    • Associate members of the board.
    • Accountants
    • Members of commissions
  • Petitions
    • of the board
    • of members
  • Programme of activities
  • Amendments of these By-Laws
  • Appointment of Honorary Members
  • Complaints about administrative bodies, decisions on dismissing members of the board or of any ordinary member, or any application for membership
  • Various other topics, not assigned to another body. 
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