TYPO3Camp Venlo 2019

Venlo, Netherlands

About TYPO3camp - Barcamp

A TYPO3camp is a form of a barcamp. This is an open event with open workshops. Participants decide on a topic and make a schedule at the beginning of the day. A TYPO3camp provides an accessible and relaxed ability to learn new things, meet specialists and participate in the TYPO3 community.

In other TYPO3camps visitors had very different levels of experiences with TYPO3. One part is very experienced and has been active as an example TYPO3 developer itself. Others are curious about TYPO3 and have only minimal experience with it. Sharing all this information makes the TYPO3camps unique in its kind.

Domani Venlo

The TYPO3camp will take place at Domani, the new cultural stage from Venlo, located on the Dominicans, in the heart of Venlo. The name "Domani" is Latin for "future" or "tomorrow" and thus refers to the new future of the church.