TYPO3 CMS - What's New Slides

The TYPO3 CMS - What's New Slides summarise new features, significant improvements, important changes and key facts of new TYPO3 releases in a comprehensive but compact format.

Editors as well as TYPO3 integrator, system administrators and developers are the target audience of the slides and the "presentation-style" of this document enables everyone to share these information, e.g. with your colleagues in your office, at a conference, a user group meeting or with your clients.

Note: do not bookmark or share the "download" links to the PDF documents (they may change), but feel free to bookmark/share the URL of this page (https://typo3.org/download/release-notes/whats-new/).

TYPO3 CMS 8.x (Sprint Releases)


A special edition of the "What's New Slides" have been compiled for the TYPO3 CMS 7 LTS release: the PDF documents below cover all changes, improvements and new features between TYPO3 CMS version 6.2 LTS and 7 LTS - separated into topics.

Roles and Topics Overview

Depending on your role, the following topics might be important for you
(download the appropriate PDF documents below):

Topic: Backend User Interface
Topic: In-Depth Changes
Topic: TSconfig & TypoScript
Topic: Extbase & Fluid
Topic: Deprecated/Removed Functions
Topic: System Administration

TYPO3 CMS 7.x (Sprint Releases)

Older Versions

If you are looking for a version of the TYPO3 CMS What's Slides, which is not listed above, have a look at the archive.


The "TYPO3 CMS What's New Slides" and all translations are licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0, which means, you can use, copy, distribute, share, adapt the material for non-commercial purposes and as long as you credit the authors. Read all details about this license by following the link above.

Project Website

If you are interested in translating the slides into your language, or if you want to help us the next time we are creating the presentation for a TYPO3 CMS release, please contact us via the project website. You can also report issues, typos or suggest improvements - we appreciate every feedback!