TYPO3: Donations Welcome!

TYPO3 is an Open Source project, dependent in large parts on donations. This page is for those who want to donate money - be it once, be it regularly, be it a small or a big amount. Everything is set up for an easy donation process. Try it out, you'll be amazed how good it feels!

Donating through the TYPO3 Association

The TYPO3 Association is a legal entity registered in Switzerland under Swiss law and regulations. Once you donate through a membership, you can claim the fee as tax deductible in most countries. Please note: Most countries of the world don't accept donations to a Swiss Association as tax deductible if they exceed a certain amount. Please check with the rules and regulations in your country.

Please put in the amount you would like to donate as a one-time donation or to setup it as monthly donation subscription for the TYPO3 project


You can use the TYPO3 Shop for individual packages (donations, sponsorings).

TYPO3 donation TYPO3 sponsoring

The best way to donate

We are happy to accept any kind of donation, though the most convenient and sustainable way is to become a member of the TYPO3 Association.

Annual memberships start for as little as 125 EUR and go up to 12500 EUR, so every individual and every company has the possibility to donate according to their means. In most countries, an association membership also is the easiest way to make donation expenses tax deductible. As for TYPO3, reliable funding is the only way to secure its future development.

Sponsor a code sprint

Most of the teams have requested budget for code sprints in the previous years That usually means that travel costs and hotel are paid on a budget supplied by the TYPO3 Association. The location is usually covered by a TYPO3 company and in rare occasion a location needs to be rented. The company that supplies the location usually provides some coffee and tea, but drinks and food are not included in the budget. This is an opprtunity for you to get engaged.

For sponsoring around a code sprint please check out the TYPO3 shop at: http://www.typo3-shop.com/donation.html



Please Read Carefully

  • If you would like your web-address to be linked to your name, please request this by filling in the appropriate form field when donating
  • Minimum donation for a web-link is 100.00 EUR
  • For Paypal payments: please write the URL into the comments field.
  • Please note that we will check your website URL and refuse to link to pages that contain illegal or inappropriate content (this includes gambling, porn, violence, racism etc.)

Further Questions?

If you...

  • encounter problems using or filling in the form
  • found a bug
  • had any issues making a donation
  • have questions what other donations options we offer and how you can best support TYPO3

...then please feel free to contact us at anytime at: donation(at)typo3.org