Complaint Handling Policy

Goals of the TYPO3 Complaints Handling Policy

TYPO3’s Complaints Handling Policy aims to provide a means for receiving complaints or feedback, encourages the reporting of community complaints and issues, ensure that the Complaints Handling process is easily accessed, understood by the TYPO3 Community, meets the requirements of the TYPO3 Project strategy, and provides for a fair, equitable and timely response.

Definition of a Complaint

Expression of dissatisfaction made to the TYPO3 organization, related to its Code of Conduct, or the complaints-handling process itself, where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected.

Applicability and Scope

This document does not apply to complaints referred for resolution outside the organization or for TYPO3 Company employment-related disagreements.

Only complaints within the Applicability and Scope of the Code of Conduct are covered by this policy.

Commitment, Capacity and Competence

The TYPO3 Ombudsperson Group, on the behalf of the TYPO3 Association, is actively committed to defining and implementing a complaints handling process. This team gets sufficient resources from the TYPO3 Association in order to be committed to complaints handling, and to manage it effectively and efficiently. These include resources such as training, procedures, documentation, external specialist support, materials and equipment, software and finances. This resource’s allocated budget follows the same approval process as any TYPO3 official team and is reviewed annually.The ombudsperson group lead is the budget owner.

The TYPO3 Ombudsperson group members have the personal attributes, skills, training, education and experience necessary to handle complaints.

Transparency and Accessibility

The complaints-handling process is communicated to TYPO3 Association members, TYPO3 Company employees and other relevant interested parties. Individual complainants are provided with adequate information about the handling of their complaint.

The complaints-handling process is easily accessible to all complainants on the official TYPO3 websites. It details the steps about making and resolving complaints. The complaints-handling process and supporting information is easy to understand and use. The information is in clear language, in English, and if published on digital documents, in PDF/UA format, so that no complainants are disadvantaged.

Access to the complaints-handling process is free of charge to the complainant.

Responsiveness and Timeliness

The TYPO3 Ombudsperson Group addresses the needs and expectations of complainers with respect to complaints handling. Complaints are handled as expeditiously as feasible given the nature of the complaint and of the process used.

Information Integrity and Confidentiality

The Ombudsperson Group ensures that the information about its complaints handling is accurate and not misleading, and that data collected are relevant, correct, complete, meaningful and useful.

Personally identifiable information concerning the complainant is available where needed, but only for the purposes of addressing the complaint within the organization and is actively protected from disclosure, unless the complainant expressly consents to its disclosure or disclosure is required by law.

Complaint Handling Process

A complaint can be sent by any TYPO3 Association member, TYPO3 official event participant, or TYPO3 Company employee by emailing the TYPO3 Association Ombudsperson Group via the official form or ombudsperson(at)