SEO Initiative


Search Engine Optimization is important for every website. The goal of this initiative is to make TYPO3 out-of-the-box as SEO-friendly as possible. For developers and editors!


Out of the box you can use TYPO3 to easily create the most beautiful websites. But when we don’t attract visitors, a beautiful website is useless. That is why search engine optimization is a real important part of the website.

With the current state of TYPO3 you do have some meta tag fields that you can fill, but out-of-the-box, those fields do nothing at all. So you have to do it yourself by extensions or other solutions.

You do have some extensions like EXT:cs_seo and EXT:yoast which helps developers and editors to create a website that is optimized for search engines. But why should we use plugins for the basic things? As a CMS with more and more functionality in core, the most important SEO features should be integrated in core too. That’s why this initiative is started.


  • Page title templates
  • Admin panel for debugging PageTitle and MetaTags API
  • Extending OG / Twitter metatags
  • Structured Data API
  • Integration of structured data schemas for graph, webpage and website
  • Structured data based on page properties
  • Possibility to define structured data with TypoScript
  • Integration of structured data schemas for breadcrumb
  • XML sitemap for video and images
Image about timing (calendar)


First of all the Meta Tag API should be merged. After that, we can do the short- and mid-term goals. After we finished those functions, we can do the long-term goals.


  • Short-term: 10


We will help integrators and editors to make it easy to optimize a website for search engines. So all features should be there to do SEO the right way.

Within this initiative we won’t do analyses of text like EXT:yoast and EXT:cs_seo. You can still use those extensions for an analysis of the content.

Get involved!


Richard Haeser

Joost de Valk
(SEO Expert / Owner of Yoast)

Riny van Tiggelen

Kevin Appelt