The TYPO3 Server Team

We are in charge of the TYPO3 IT infrastructure. About a dozen core applications are run and managed by our team directly, and we provide additional services to other teams within the TYPO3 universe for their own use.

Contact Us


We meet online every month. Meeting reports will be published on our GitLab team project. You can also follow us in Slack (#typo3-server-team) and Mastodon to receive updates from our team.

Our tasks

Being a central contact point

The email address admin(at) serves as the central point to get in contact with the persons in charge for administration of servers and web sites. In case we are not responsible, we will delegate your email to the persons in charge. We make use of OTRS as trouble ticket system for this job.

Server Administration

We manage all applications and services within the TYPO3 universe. If you as a TYPO3 team, or as a single person, want to offer a service to the TYPO3 community, please get in touch with us to offer you some web space or an entire virtual machine for your project.

    Open Source

    We aim to openly publish all our work transparently. Apart from security related tasks, our current workload can be followed on our GitLab team board, and all technical configurations are stored in their respective service repository.

    Used Software

    Among others, the following Open Source projects are currently used by us: 

    Technical details can be found in the corresponding service repository.

    How to become a team member

    We are open for new members! It doesn’t matter if you are more interested in administrating operating systems or some of the official web sites, but you shouldn't be afraid of devops basics (Configuration Management, Monitoring). Please get in touch with us, if you are interested to work with us!

    Leaving the team

    If you do not contribute for more then three month, the Team Leader can decide, to remove you from the team. Please note, that you are then not longer allowed to wear any title related to this team.

    Andri Steiner
    Team Lead

    Andreas Beutel

    Bastian Bringenberg

    Michael Stucki

    Stephan Großberndt

    Tomas Norre

    Team news

    • Screenshot of the list of services of the TYPO3 universe.

      Server Team Status Report — July 2023

      Categories: Community
      Created by Andri Steiner
      Over the last few months, we have focused on creating a more convenient workflow for ourselves and our users. We implemented several improvements and were able to remove another outdated service.
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    • Server Team Status Report — September 2022

      Categories: Community
      Created by Andri Steiner
      Like any internal IT department, inquiries come across our desk day in and day out. Most often, we’re helping end-users and community members when they encounter a problem with our infrastructure, for example, logging in to their TYPO3 account.
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    • Server Team Status Report—October 2021

      Categories: Community
      Created by Andri Steiner
      An update on all the work the team has achieved in the last year and how they adjusted to remote working.
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