Sprint I/2019 in Hamburg

The Education Committee has held the first major sprint this year in Hamburg. The main topics were the online certification platform, CertiFUNcation, and the TYPO3 Trainer Network.

The main change decided was to change the duration of certification from three to two years. Certificates can only be extended once by 12 months through participation in CertiFUNcation.

In order to increase the quality of the certifications and the value of the certificates, we would like to prevent them from being extended indefinitely without further testing. This request has been made to us many times: by agencies, certified persons and contractors.
This amendment will take effect on 01 August 2019. All certificates acquired before this date will continue to have a term of three years. 

The Online certification platform is in good progress. Necessary API connections to various systems were completed; we are currently internally testing the workflow for booking and test execution, including the online proctoring which allows us to verify the identity of the participants and the proper conduct of the exam. Unfortunately, one team member had to temporarily reduce the working time on this project for personal reasons; during the sprint, we decided to put more manpower on this project in order to get to the go-live quickly.

For all those who prefer to take the certification exam on the spot: In 2019, the Education Committee will again be present at many TYPO3-related events and offer live certifications. And, of course, CertiFUNcation 2019 will also offer the opportunity to acquire one or more certificates. We offer the registration for it always updated on typo3.org/certification - the next possibilities are the TYPO3camps Venlo in March, as well as Vienna in May and Berlin in June. Organizers who would like to offer a live certification during their events, please contact the Education Committee. 

We have also found a new task force to establish TYPO3 in education, mainly in schools and higher education. If you are interested in cooperation or have ideas and wishes, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

The TYPO3 Trainer Network is managed as a task force within the Education Committee. During the sprint, we talked especially about ways to use the good preparatory work of the certification task forces for the preparation workshops. 

Aside from the workload we had also a cool team building event during accomplishing an escape room on the first evening, which was great fun and a good opportunity to foster the team. A big thank you goes to all participants of the sprint for their time and effective work as well as F7 Media, which was a great location host. 

If you would join the Education Committee and/or support us with knowledge, worktime, location or lunch, we're looking forward to hear from you!