Sprint I/2023 in Düsseldorf

In April the time had finally come: on April 27th and 28th the first sprint of the TYPO3 Education Committee took place in Düsseldorf. Many thanks also to TYPO3 GmbH, who provided us with the location, coffee, drinks and sweets and also supported us in many other ways.

We were pleased to welcome old hands like Marc Willmann, Gernot Ploiner, Korbinian Kugelmann, Andreas Wolf, Florian Weiss and Oliver Thiele as well as new faces like Lennart Hofmann (since 2022), Larissa Schlein and Wolfgang Wagner. Andreas and Florian could unfortunately only be with us remotely.

What were the issues?

As most people know, there was a significant delay in the certifications for TYPO3 11. This had several reasons, and the Corona pandemic, which prevented on-location sprints for a long time, played a big role. We must also mention the lack of 'man power'.

Therefore, an important point was to advance the syllabi as well as the question pool for the various certifications for TYPO3 12. It is very important to us that the certifications are adapted to version 12 in a timely manner.

We are very pleased that we were able to recruit three new members for the EduCom during the sprint, who will strengthen the TCCI and the TCCD team. A warm welcome to Jan-Philipp Halle, Tim Wehrmann and Frank Schüssler!

Another topic was public relations. We have the feeling that many people "out there" are not aware that we exist, what we do, and who the people are who are involved here.

We want to change that by making more use of social media and participating even more actively in various TYPO3 events.

But first, our focus right now is to adapt the certifications to the new features and changes of TYPO3 12. This will keep us busy for a few more weeks, but we will do everything we can to achieve this goal.

And of course, the more people participate, the faster we'll get it done. If you are reading this and are interested in supporting us and getting involved in the EduCom, please contact us, for example via Slack typo3.slack.com/archives/C5K277QKE or directly at an event. We are looking forward to meeting you!