List of Donations to TYPO3

Who are listed here?

This is a digest of companies and individuals that recently contributed to TYPO3 through the online donation form. Donors that donated directly to TYPO3 Core members, funded projects or through TYPO3 Association Membership are not listed here.

Name Amount Date
S.M. EUR 100.00
Carsten Gersdorf EUR 111.00
Eduard Hofmann EUR 150.00
Andrei Tiburca EUR 1.00
Will Becker EUR 150.00
Antonia Haas EUR 5.00
Markus Lichtenheldt EUR 100.00
Paddy Gloor EUR 100.00
Fabian Hickl EUR 100.00
Michael Bofinger EUR 100.00
Georg Pale EUR 100.00
Beat Schöneck EUR 10.00
Immowelt AG EUR 100.00
Philippe Nuderscher EUR 1,000.00
Firma transparent GmbH EUR 100.00
Blasius Damaschek EUR 125.00
jeremie martinez EUR 2.00
Paddy Gloor EUR 100.00 EUR 100.00
Thomas Weber EUR 15.00
Andre Baalhorn EUR 50.00
Stefan Schnydrig EUR 100.00
Schlüsseldienst Hannover EUR 100.00
Ronny Mehnert EUR 100.00
Aaron Weller EUR 25.00

Notes on Web Links

As of February 2017

  • Minimum donation for a web link is EUR 125.
  • Recurring monthly donation links cost from EUR 100/month, for a minimum of 6 months.