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Getting help for free?

The mailing lists are the pulse of the TYPO3 community. There are a large amount of subscribers to the (high traffic) general, i.e. TYPO3-english and TYPO3-german, lists and a good response time for genuine questions and requests for help. We want the lists to be friendly so just get subscribed, and let us meet you.

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It's totally OK to seek help for free on the mailing lists, and you will generally find your answers without having to pay for them. However please respect the fact that all questions are not equally as simple to answer, and eventually you might have to pay someone for help. And what's so bad about that anyway? After all, you got the system for free...


The TYPO3 mailing lists and newsgroups are fast becoming a very busy information exchange! For this reason, we ask you to observe some simple rules and guidelines when using the mailing lists and newsgroups.

Please take the time to read the rules & guidelines page before you subscribe.

Please remember that if you are asking an installation-related question, you must provide the technical information requested here.