As TYPO3 is community driven you can get free help by the community. Over the time some channels have evolved which are used by the community for communication. Just find the channel that fits best with you.


Slack is used for the instant communication. Currently you need an invite to get involved. Inside of it we communicate in channels for specific topics and on sprints.

You can join us on slack but need a separate registration.


IRC is available without any registrations. You can get in contact with the community there. There are topic related channels, where you can ask your question.

More information can be found on the subpage for IRC.


Most users of TYPO3 can be found on Twitter. There are also accounts for different TYPO3 teams. Currently there are no lists with all users, but you can include #typo3 in your tweet.

There is no official support through Twitter. The official Twitter account is @typo3.

Mailing Lists / Forum

Main discussions are handled via mailing lists. TYPO3 provides a forum gui to interact with the lists. There are different forums / lists related to the topics.

You can find further information about the mailing lists on


Some people are using Skype for instant communication and video calls. But there are no official accounts or provided ways of communication through Skype.

There is no official support through Skype.

Google Hangouts

Some teams are using Google Hangouts for video calls and screen sharing. It's mainly used for team meetings as most teams are scattered.

There is no official support through Google+ or Hangouts.

TYPO3 Mentorship program

Beside all the above communication channels there is also the TYPO3 Mentorship program. A TYPO3 mentor can help you get started in the big wide world of TYPO3 and show you the best way to achieve your goals.

Just take a look at the Mentorship program.