Maintenance releases

TYPO3 LTS versions receive plannable release schedule for upcoming maintenance releases. A release schedule creates transparent and plannable times for TYPO3 site owners to know when to expect a next bugfix and maintenance release. As for the regular maintenance releases we have planned the following release schedule, which usually happens on a Tuesday.

Please note, that if an urgent issue pops up, we will release without prior notice if necessary.

Security releases that will affect all supported versions, which includes the v11 series (until October 31st, 2024), v12 series (until April 30th, 2026) and main branch, will be released at the same time on all versions (v13 once v13.0.0 is available, v12 and v11)

TYPO3 v12

list of actual releases at

Planned Release DateMaintenance Version
May 9, 2023v12.4.1
June 13, 2023v12.4.2
July 11, 2023v12.4.3
July 25, 2023v12.4.4 (Security Release)
August 8, 2023v12.4.5
September 12, 2023v12.4.6
October 10, 2023v12.4.7
November 14, 2023v12.4.8
December 12, 2023v12.4.9
January 16, 2024v12.4.10
February 13, 2024v12.4.11 (Security Release)
March 12, 2024v12.4.12
March 19, 2024v12.4.13 (Regression Release)
April 9, 2024v12.4.14
May 14, 2024v12.4.15
June 11, 2024v12.4.16
July 9, 2024v12.4.17
August 13, 2024v12.4.18
September 10, 2024v12.4.19
October 8, 2024v12.4.20

TYPO3 v11

list of actual releases at

Planned Release DateMaintenance Version
November 2nd, 2021v11.5.2
November 16th, 2021v11.5.3
December 14th, 2021v11.5.4
January 11th, 2022v11.5.5
February 8th, 2022v11.5.6
February 22nd, 2022v11.5.7 (due to TYPO3-PSA-2022-001)
March 8th, 2022v11.5.8
April 12th, 2022v11.5.9
May 10th, 2022v11.5.10
June 14th, 2022v11.5.11 (Security Release)
June 15th, 2022v11.5.12 (Regression Release)
July 12th, 2022v11.5.13
August 9th, 2022v11.5.14
August 25th, 2022v11.5.15 (Regression Release)
September 13th, 2022v11.5.16
October 11th, 2022v11.5.17
November 8th, 2022v11.5.18
November 15th, 2022v11.5.19 (Regression Release)
December 13th, 2022v11.5.20
December 15th, 2022v11.5.21
January 10th, 2023v11.5.22
February 7th, 2023v11.5.23 (Security Release)
February 14th, 2023v11.5.24
March 14th, 2023v11.5.25
April 11th, 2023v11.5.26
May 9th, 2023v11.5.27
Jun 13th, 2023v11.5.28
Jul 11th, 2023v11.5.29
Jul 25th, 2023v11.5.30
Sep 12th, 2023v11.5.31
Oct 10th, 2023v11.5.32
Nov 11th, 2023v11.5.33
Jan 16th, 2024v11.5.34
Feb 13, 2024v11.5.35 (Security Release)
Feb 20, 2024v11.5.36 (Regression Release)

list of actual releases at

Planned Release DateMaintenance Version
April 28th, 2020v10.4.1
May 12th, 2020 / May 19th, 2020v10.4.2 / v10.4.3 (regression fixes)
June 9th, 2020v10.4.4
July 7th, 2020v10.4.5
July 28th, 2020v10.4.6
September 8th, 2020v10.4.7 + v10.4.8 (composer installations)
September 29th, 2020v10.4.9
November 17th, 2020v10.4.10
December 15th, 2020v10.4.11 (+ v10.4.12 regression release on December 22nd, 2020)
February 16th, 2021v10.4.13
March 16th 2021v10.4.14
April 13th, 2021v10.4.15
May 11th, 2021 (added due to a lot of bugfixes done since April 2021)v10.4.16
June 8th, 2021v10.4.17
July 20th, 2021v10.4.18 (Security Release)
August 10th, 2021v10.4.19 (Security Release)
August 16th, 2021v10.4.20 (Regression Release)
September 21th, 2021v10.4.21
December 14th, 2021v10.4.22

list of actual released versions can be found at

Planned Release DateMaintenance Version
December 11th, 2018v9.5.2 (Regression Release v9.5.3 on Dec 14, 2018)
January 22nd, 2019v9.5.4
March 5th, 2019v9.5.5
May 7th, 2019
(moved from April 30th, 2019)
v9.5.7 (after v9.5.6 regression fixes)
June 25th, 2019v9.5.8
August 20th, 2019v9.5.9
October 15th, 2019 / October 30th, 2019v9.5.10 / v9.5.11 (regression fixes)
December 17th, 2019v9.5.12 / v9.5.13 (regression fixes)
February 18th, 2020v9.5.14
March 31st, 2020v9.5.15
April 28th, 2020v9.5.16
May 12th, 2020 / May 19th, 2020v9.5.17 / v9.5.18 (regression fixes)
June 9th, 2020v9.5.19
July 28th, 2020v9.5.20
September 9th, 2020v9.5.21
September 29th, 2020v9.5.22
November 17th, 2020v9.5.23
December 15th, 2020v9.5.24
March 15th, 2021v9.5.25 (Security Release)
March 18th, 2021v9.5.26 (Regression Release)
May 11st, 2021v9.5.27
July 20th, 2021v9.5.28 (Security Release)
August 10th, 2021v9.5.29 (Security Release)
August 16th, 2021v9.5.30 (Regression Release)
September 21st, 2021v9.5.31

list of actual releases at

Planned Release DateMaintenance Version
July 4th, 2017v8.7.3
July 25th, 2017v8.7.4
September 5th, 2017v8.7.5
October 10th, 2017v8.7.8 (after v8.7.6 & v8.7.7 regression fixes)
December 12th, 2017v8.7.9
February 6th, 2018v8.7.10
April 17th, 2018v8.7.13 (after v8.7.11 & v8.7.12 regression fixes)
May 22nd, 2018v8.7.14 (special GDPR release)
June 12th, 2018v8.7.16 (after v8.7.14 GDPR release & v8.7.15 regression fixes)
August 21st, 2018v8.7.19 (after v8.7.17 security release & v8.7.18 regression fixes)
October 30th, 2018v8.7.20
December 11th, 2018v8.7.22 (after v8.7.21 security release)
January 22nd, 2019    v8.7.24 (after v8.7.23 security release)
May 7th, 2019v8.7.26 (after v8.7.25 security release)
June 25th, 2019v8.7.27
October 15th, 2019v8.7.28
October 30th, 2019v8.7.29
December 17th, 2019v8.7.30
February 17th, 2020v8.7.31
March 31st, 2020v8.7.32
TBDNo new maintenance releases are planned as v8 LTS reached End-of-Life in March 2020

list of actual releases at

DateMaintenance version
May 17th, 20167.6.7
July 19th, 20167.6.10 (after 7.6.8 & 7.6.9 security releases)
September 13th, 20167.6.11
November 1st, 20167.6.12
January 3rd, 20177.6.15 (after 7.6.13 & 7.6.14 security releases)
February 28th, 20177.6.16
April 18th, 20177.6.17
May 22nd, 20187.6.28 (special GDPR release)