Workflow, User Roles & Collaboration

Improved Workspaces

Introduced in version 11.0

The “Workspaces” feature is one of TYPO3’s unique selling points. Workspaces let editors work collaboratively on versioned content of a TYPO3 site and review/preview pages before publishing them. At the most basic level, you can configure permissions so that backend users can only edit content in an isolated workspace. Every change requires a supervisor’s approval, which gives you full control of which content goes live and when. However, TYPO3’s Workspaces are often overlooked—and that’s what we aim to change!

In TYPO3 v11.0, we started to improve the underlying code and addressed some conceptual issues. In further releases, we will stabilize existing functionality, update the documentation, improve the user experience, and introduce new features.


System Extension “Form”

Introduced in version 10.2

Based on our experience and the feedback from the community over the last few months, several improvements have been made to the system extension Form. These changes affect editors, integrators as well as developers. Backend users benefit from an enhanced form creation wizard that supports navigating to previous steps and descriptive labels such as “Start” or “Finish”, rather than the numerical indicator “Step x of y”.

Integrators will embrace a streamlined setup (only one general configuration file “FormSetup.yaml” is used) and an optimized configuration structure.