Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Adding Online Media

Introduced in version 7.0

Organizing and working with online media assets like youtube and vimeo videos is much easier. Youtube links can be referenced in the the "Text & Media" content element directly by pasting a video URL, a preview thumbnail is shown, and they can be organized in the file list module just like any other asset. You can also embed local files – easy and hassle­free.

Define File upload default action

Introduced in version 10.1

Integrators will embrace this new feature and backend users will love it for sure: the default action when backend users upload files is now configurable! In previous TYPO3 versions, the default is “Skip this file” if backend users try to upload a file that already exists. This is, of course, the safest option, but TYPO3 v10.1 allows you to re-configure it, making the file upload functionality more flexible and user-friendly. Available options are “replace”, “rename”, and “cancel”.