Continuity, Community, & Open Source

TYPO3’s vibrant professional ecosystem, focus on quality and security, and its strong commercial vendor set the CMS apart from the crowd of both open source and proprietary web content management systems and make it a solid technology choice.

Can an open source solution deliver excellent results and ROI as well as security, reliability, and predictability?

TYPO3 can. It has a unique position within the CMS market, where the benefits of open source—flexibility, extensibility, and innovation velocity—are combined with features normally associated with proprietary commercial closed-source systems—vendor SLAs, predictable release cycles, and industry-standard security practices.

Bootstrap 5 in the TYPO3 Backend

Introduced in version 11.0

As part of a visual refresh, we switched the TYPO3 backend from Bootstrap 3 to 5. Initially released in 2011, Bootstrap is the world’s most popular frontend open-source toolkit today. The decision to use version 5 (which is still a beta-version at the time of writing) puts TYPO3 at the forefront of modern content management systems from a UI perspective.

Backend users won’t need to learn how to use a new user interface with Bootstrap 5. They might, however, notice a few minor usability changes in TYPO3 v11.0. The new Bootstrap version also adds a few accessibility improvements to the TYPO3 backend.


Adjusted System Requirements

Introduced in version 10.3

Back in March 2019, we announced that version 5.7 or later is required if you use the popular MySQL database server for TYPO3 v10. Although this version is fully supported and can be used without problems, you can even use a lower version. TYPO3 v10 LTS will be compatible with MySQL version 5.5 or later.

Needless to say that MySQL is not the only database engine that has been successfully tested with TYPO3. We also officially support MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and the PHP-embedded database engine SQLite.

You can find out more about the system requirements in the official documentation.


PHP 7.4 and Symfony 5.0 Support

Introduced in version 10.2

This release paves the way for a cutting-edge environment. TYPO3 v10.2 not only supports Symfony version 5.0, but is also the first TYPO3 release that supports PHP version 7.4. This should come as no surprise that our latest sprint release should work with the new version of PHP. However, we are also working on making TYPO3 v9 compatible with PHP 7.4 (without breaking lower versions of course).