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TYPO3 gives you the freedom and flexibility of open source: Build the project you need without sacrificing flexibility and enhancement in the future.

Your content management system shouldn’t limit your website planning or your ability to add new functionality in the future.

TYPO3’s open architecture, extensibility, and flexibility are free for you to use. Build whatever you need. The developer-friendly infrastructure and vibrant professional community help sustain its ongoing momentum.

Custom file processors

Introduced in version 10.1

Developers will be ecstatic about another new feature regarding file uploads. You can now register your own file processors. If you don’t have a clue what purpose this could have, think about any operation you could apply on a file that is uploaded by a backend user! Here are some use cases: add watermarks to images, compress uploaded files to a ZIP archive, store a copy of a cropped image, transfer uploaded files to a second storage location, etc.

We can't wait to see the first extensions that implement a custom file processor and make use of this feature!