TYPO3camp Stuttgart

TYPO3camp Stuttgart kicks of a whole new series of TYPO3camps for 2012. The latest version of this successful TYPO3camp took place from April 27 - April 29.
The TYPO3camp, in it's second incarnation, brought 200 people from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland to the beautiful location at Uni Hohenheim. With 20% female participants a new record for TYPO3 events was set and the weather gods where with this event.
Photo by Riona Kuthe On Friday a warm-up party took place in the big entrance hall of the Schloß Hohenheim with a little bit of music and some socializing. On Saturday an excellent breakfast was served followed the session planning. The 5 session rooms accomodated a lot of sessions. There was a TYPO3 certification on the camp grounds on Saturday afternoon as well.
A big party with free cocktails shaken (not stirred) by Patrick Lobacher, Volker Graubaum, Markus Goldbeck and trendy music by Mash-Up DJ Sven Wolfermann made the night easily turn into day.
The event was visited by the Reverend Neverend collecting donations for TYPO3.
Photo by Jochen Weiland Sunday started with another session planning round to fill the still empty slots, but within minutes brave speakers offered to share their knowledge. The end of the camp started with the best speaker awards, thanking all the helping hands, sponsors, participants and the awesome catering. Attendants and organisation could look back to a wonderful weekend and are already looking forward to the next Stuttgart TYPO3camp in 2013 and all other TYPO3camps still to come this year. Check out the <link>TYPO3 events page to find out where your next TYPO3camp will be.