TYPO3camp Stuttgart

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In the weekend fro the 20th to 22nd of May, the TYPO3camp Stuttgart (www.typo3camp-stuttgart.de) attracted 200 TYPO3 enthusiasts to the beautiful location of Schloß Hohenheim (Hohenheim Palace), in mids of a fantastic park in Stuttgart. A TYPO3camp is a BarCamp style event, which is an international network of user-generated conferences (or unconferences). They are open, participatory workshop-events, the content of which is provided by participants. There are quite a few now in Germany and beyond. In a series of articles we try to give an impression of these TYPO3camps.

On Friday evening the fun started with a good party, with lots of drinks and music in the castle dungeons. People got to know each other and the location. As usual on a BarCamp style event, no sessions were pre-planned. The audience was not aware was what expecting them, or who will hold talks or workshops. On Saturday morning during the welcome event the sessions were proposed, quickly presented and then voted for by the audience itself. Shortly after the whole session plan for Saturday was ready.

The Hohenheim University opened five different rooms in the Palace for the sessions, with the main wing connecting everything. This allowed a very close interaction between all participants. The sessions were very interesting and reaching various audiences: from SEO through Extbase, Git, HTML5, T3-Association up to topics around project management. The catering was perfectly organized and well received by all guests, offering German Specialities. After the long Saturday night party, the Sunday plan was fixed during the breakfast. The event finished with ending session with all people gathered together in the main room again.

All in all it was a pleasure to be part of this event, which was very inspiring, interesting and well visited by members of our Community (i.e. 6 Core Developers).

Next T3CAMP's:

  • TYPO3camp Berlin. From June 24th to June 26th 150 participants attended the camp. All informations about the planned sessions and location you'll find at our website www.t3c-berlin.de. Our intention is to focus on editors session - we plan to fill one session track with editor specific session terms. More info on what happended at the BarCamp later.

  • TYPO3camp in Hamburg will be from From August 5th to August 7th (http://typo3camp.mixxt.de/). TYPO3camp Hamburg expects about 160 people this year. The camp in Hamburg was the first TYPO3camp ever in 2008. The Event is mainly (like all camps) regional (northern germany) with about 25-35% people from other cities (and countries, we had already people from Switzerland and Austria). This year we are offering a sightseeing tour on Friday to make the event even more attrictive to people coming form further away. I'm sure you know what barcamps are, otherwise you can find here the best explanation I found so far (unfortunally in german).http://www.franztoo.de/?p=113

  • TYPO3camp Munich will take place from September 9th to 11th. Detailed information about the camp will be published on http://typo3camp-munich.mixxt.de. The TYPO3camp in Munich was established back in 2008 and was inspired by the first TYPO3camp in Hamburg. About 130 TYPO3 enthusiasts from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland attended each camp.

  • T3Camp Italia 2011. Great expectation for the next Italian edition, set in the smart athmosphere of Zanhotel Europa, Bologna,October 28th to 29th. New features and a rich program of talks, tailored to fit the interest of a large audience will explore the TYPO3 main theme from different perspectives, both technical and business, thanks to successful case histories, e-commerce and social media experiences, but also TYPO3 administration, developing, technical aspects and much more! We're also glad to welcome Patrick Lobacher and his talk about “Extbase”. About 100 participants from all over country are expected to attend the next camp, confirming the enthusiasm of the 2010 edition. The TYPO3 Certification Exam can be taken during the camp. Further information in the official website: http://www.t3campitalia.it.