TYPO3 Phoenix and FLOW3 - May 2012

Categories: Development Created by Karsten Dambekalns
Two things were different in May than in the months before: we had a small code sprint devoted to Phoenix and the Package Builder in Venlo and we published two beta versions of the upcoming FLOW3 1.1 release.

TYPO3 Phoenix

MOC had a nice Phoenix "code evening" (some notes about it are available) and then some of our team met in Venlo for a four day code sprint. During that time they did a number of reviews, talked about the status and the feature list before working on things like refactoring the image editor we have in Phoenix or the use of FLOW3 roles and policies for rights management in the CMS. During those days Rens also gave a talk on FLOW3 at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences  together with Christian and worked on the PackageBuilder with Nico de Haen. After working on the concept for the management view on the T3DD12 and the first prototypes were finished, we're currently working on building a solid technical foundation for a generic record listing and editing. As Marc Neuhaus has already created the "Admin" package which contains somehow similar functionality, we are glad that he joined us in implementing the management view. His current prototype can be seen at <link https: github.com mneuhaus foo.contentmanagement>github.com/mneuhaus/Foo.ContentManagement. Martin Fizcel is currently working on a Schema Validator for PHP arrays similar to <link http: tools.ietf.org html draft-zyp-json-schema-03>JSON Schema, which we will use to validate the TYPO3 Phoenix Content Type Definitions (and which can be used to validate and FLOW3 settings as well). This will greatly improve the developer's feedback in case of errors or spelling mistakes. This feature is almost ready for review, and we plan to merge it soon. The setup tool Aske has been working on for Phoenix has been merged and is only lacking some tiny details. By now we are no longer using ExtJS for the Phoenix user interface - only ExtDirect is still used in the backend. Otherwise the JavaScript code is now completely based on Ember.js. On the "powered by TYPO3 Phoenix" front more work was done related to the websites for T3CON12 Asia as well as T3CON12 Stuttgart. In the course of this, closely working with the server admin team of the TYPO3 project, we ironed out most of the open issues about running FLOW3 applications on their standardized virtual servers. Thanks!


Sebastian implemented hierarchical context support, so that adding your own application context based on the provided contexts Production, Development and Testing is possible. This is also the base for having staging in Phoenix on a technical level. The i18n support for FLOW3 1.1 was tweaked further to make the use of Pootle for translation handling possible - the way of organizing the XLIFF files we had chosen earlier did not fit. The HTTP foundation was given some further treatment by Robert and got a whole bunch of new features to handle cache headers and content negotiation. And FLOW3 now properly supports PUT / DELETE requests (including JSON and XML bodies). And all that is backed by thorough tests written on top of the related RFCs! The Form and FormBuilder packages were adjusted (mostly by Bastian) to the changes in FLOW3 to be usable for those living on the bleeding edge. Another small but nice change by Bastian is the ability to declare Fluid namespaces just like XML namespaces. This makes most XML tools a lot happier! Marc (already mentioned above) was also working on a <link https: github.com mneuhaus debug.toolbar>debug toolbar for FLOW3 which looks very promising already. Our build pipeline was tweaked for the upcoming releases, including some updates to the Surf deployment tool and <link https: github.com kdambekalns typo3-merged>the script used to generate our <link http: bit.ly flow3-merged-changes>overview of merged changes. The latter was a joint effort with Ernesto Baschny, thanks for that! In the light of the upcoming FLOW3 1.1 release we also did some "test upgrades" to various applications based on FLOW3 1.0 to see what needs to be improved in the code migration tool as well as the <link http: wiki.typo3.org upgrade_flow3>upgrading instructions. If you have not yet tried out our beta releases, go and get them at the <link http: flow3.typo3.org download.html>download page! And on top of all that we did tons of reviews, as usual…

The End

Some good news at the end: Sebastian will devote a full month of work to Phoenix during July and August, joined by Christian Müller for at least two weeks. And Christian Jul "Julle" Jensen will work full time on FLOW3 to implement package management and Composer support for the release of FLOW3 1.2 - and with that provide a base for what made TYPO3 so popular: an "extension repository". That's it for May. Now on with June… stay tuned!