TYPO3 Phoenix and FLOW3 - July 2012

Categories: Development Created by Karsten Dambekalns
The releases kept coming in July: FLOW3 1.1 RC2 and TYPO3 Phoenix sprint release 9 were published. But, due to holidays being in full swing, the final release of FLOW3 1.1 did not happen last month… Read on for what the team did achieve!

TYPO3 Phoenix

Sebastian, Bastian and others improved the FLOW3 setup tool and with this the setup experience of TYPO3 Phoenix. Another task he started to work on is making TypoScript usable outside of the Phoenix context, so it can be a configuration language for any FLOW3 application. Fun fact: this in turn helps with Phoenix development, as the content management module is of course a FLOW3 application… Christian, when not disturbed by keeping the T3CON12 Stuttgart website up and running, worked on content types and their actual implementation. This also means work on a migration tool for content (types) stored in the content repository, so changes do not invalidate existing content. Aske worked on styling issues in the Phoenix backend and improved the search result handling of the launchbar. Towards the end of the month he did some final improvements on the package management UI Søren wrote for Phoenix and finished a first version of module overview widgets.
Jacob is in the process of <link http: cognifloyd.blogspot.com converting-from-typo3v4-to-phoenix.html>migrating a TYPO3 v4 website to Phoenix, so we have first-hand reports on the pain that might cause. So far we have not heard of anything bad…
The projects related to Phoenix (and FLOW3) present at Forge have been cleaned up and we moved all of the wiki content to wiki.typo3.org, with new hub pages for <link http: wiki.typo3.org phoenix-development>TYPO3 Phoenix and <link http: wiki.typo3.org flow3-development>FLOW3.


The documentation of FLOW3 continued to grow and improve, with new content being written and existing parts being proofread by, among others, Robert, Jacob and Ryan.
The combination of file monitoring and proxy class building in FLOW3 had one of those hard-to-beat bugs, which I tracked down and solved after quite some hours of debugging and coding. To relax aftwerwards I did countless change reviews and issue inspections followed by a number of bug fixes and tweaks. Julle started to prepare our September Phoenix code sprint in Copenhagen together with Aske and continued to work on package management and composer integration. For this he came to Lübeck at the end of July to do some intense work in the "FLOW3 headquarter".

The End

If you want to attend our scrum meetings, remember that we changed the time to 14:00 CET. And because of changes to Google Hangout we have a new hangout URL every day, so check our IRC channel for it shortly before scrum time.
Robert finalized some last bits of FLOW3 presenting at the <link http: www.campus-party.eu index.html>Campus Party Europe - if you have some days to spare in August, this event is surely worth a visit. And if you have time left in October, we have prepared a number of interesting submissions for <link http: t3con12de.typo3.org>T3CON12.
That's it for July. Now on with August… Enjoy the summer everyone and stay tuned!