TYPO3 Neos Budget: Consensus Reached

Categories: Association Created by Jan-Hendrik Heuing and Sebastian Kurfürst
The Expert Advisory board and the TYPO3 Neos team reached a consensus regarding the TYPO3 Neos Budget for 2013 which allows to foster the Neos and Flow development while increasing the visibility and accountability. Two separate budgets are granted: one for code sprints and a second one for development.
The TYPO3 Association will sponsor the travel expenses and accommodation for four code sprints which will have their main focus on TYPO3 Neos. As for the development and improvement of Neos and Flow, the team will bundle work packages which can be funded by the TYPO3 Association or the community. The TYPO3 Association reserves about 105.000 EUR for this purposes and decides per case which work package fits the demands of the association's members. The timeline and deliverables for each package are negotiated with the parties involved.
Further responsibilities like release management and communication are handled by the team. We are pleased that a solution was found which covers the intentions of the whole TYPO3 project and are looking forward to collaborate closely. The EAB and TYPO3 Neos Team