TYPO3 Neos and Flow - October 2012

Categories: Development Created by Karsten Dambekalns
As we had expected, October was a bit slow. Everyone rightfully relaxed after the frenzy leading up to the T3CON12 and the release of the Neos alpha. Still, things continued to evolve, of course…

TYPO3 Neos

Sebastian kicked off October with preparations for the Neos demo booth we had on stite during T3CON12 as well as adjusting demo and product websites to the new codebase (composer integration, mostly) and the new name. Christian also worked on the needed website updates. After the conference we still tweaked the (new) websites, updated the deployment jobs, created backup mechanisms, … Rens worked on the needed infrastructure to bring full-fledged unit and functional testing to the JavaScript parts of Neos. Marc made Expose composer-compatible and added back some of the functionality that was removed, erm, refactored out earlier, when integrating TypoScript as configuration language. After the conference Berit tried out implement another website with Neos (which worked well) and started to create tickets for UI issues. Markus - one can almost say "as usual" - worked on page tree issues. And towards the end of the month, Karsten renamed everything that needed to be renamed to Neos - another big change needed before we can package up alpha 2.

TYPO3 Flow

The most obvious change done to FLOW3 during October was to rename FLOW3 to Flow in the code itself - something we could not prepare before the conference, so Karsten did it afterwards. The rename and the composer integration are rather big changes, so Bastian was busy upgrading a rather big project from FLOW3 to Flow, while Karsten finally published upgrade instructions. Julle continued to tweak the composer integration here and there, and as of October 12th (most) Flow and Neos packages are available via packagist.org. The missing packages will follow as soon as the renaming of Phoenix to Neos in the codebase is merged. Rens and Bastian both worked on using Doctrine Extensions (for versioning and soft deletion, respectively), pointing out needed connection points. This will be implemented to make the use of those extensions easier, as there are more interesting one around (translatable comes to mind).
Christopher, among doing a bunch of reviews and small fixes mostly to Neos content editing worked on improving speed in development context. Bastian improved (404) error handling further. Robert implemented a new (native) session handler for Flow, that lacks the shortcomings of the PHP session handler.

The End

In the aftermath of the conference, Markus, Robert, Aske, Julle and Karsten presented Neos and Flow to usergroups, at a Drupal event and during workshops, collecting valuable feedback and a lot of motivation from the great feedback. It seems the release of an alpha, the new name and what people actually see now struck a chord with people's expectations and hope. Related to the future of Neos and Flow is also an article Christian put up and which - apart from some initial heated reactions - was pretty much without response. Interesting, after all Christian brought up an important and (possibly) controversial point. Finally a warm welcome to Christian Peters and Martin Muzatko, who joined some scrum meetings after T3CON12 to pick tasks to work on.
Next up: November, TYPO3 Neos 1.0 alpha 2 and maybe even TYPO3 Flow 2.0…