TYPO3 Association CoS-CoB Meeting and Q&A Session in Karlsruhe

Categories: Association Created by Søren Schaffstein
From 12-13 November the TYPO3 Associations Steering Committee and Board met in Karlsruhe for the quarterly CoS-CoB (Combined Steering Committee and Board) Meeting. For the Question & Answer Session not a single person showed up though.
On the first day the Steering Committee met alone and discussed various topics according the TYPO3 Associations strategy and structure. The ideas discussed in general covered topics of adding more democracy, budget decisions and representation of TYPO3 in the public. In the evening a Question & Answer Session took place. There the Steering Committee and Board assembled to answer about TYPO3 related issues and the TYPO3 Association in general. Sadly not a single person showed up to ask questions. Thus the team had time to discuss the current concept of Q&A sessions. The lack of interest was interpreted as people are actually satisfied with the TYPO3 Associations work and don't see serious problems required to discuss so often. Therefore in the future there will only be two Q&A sessions per year: In the first half of the year a Q&A session will be held during the General Assembly. In the second half of the year a Q&A session will be held during the T3CON. An additional advantage to this solution will be that many people will already be at both events. On Friday the Steering Committee and the Board had a combined meeting to discuss topics related to both. Especially budget discussions for the coming year were in focus.