TYPO3 4.1 Release Candidate 1

Categories: Development Created by Ingmar Schlecht
The core team is proud to announce the first Release Candidate of TYPO3 4.1. The 4.1 development is now feature frozen so only bugfixes will be added until the final release.

The changes between 4.1 Beta 3 and RC 1 are mainly limited to bugfixes, yet some smaller new features made it into this release as well.

The most notable changes are:

  • PHP version requirement raised to PHP 4.3.0!
  • New feature that allows to override TCA field configuration with TSConfig (by Oliver Hader)
  • Usability enhancement: Label tags have been added to many more checkboxes so you can click the label to toggle them (by Ingo Renner)
  • Prerequisites to use RealURL with IIS (by Martin Kutschker)
  • Some database performance improvements (by Dmitry Dulepov)
  • Moved prototype.js and scriptaculous to typo3/contrib/ and upgraded them to their latest versions (by Oliver Hader)
  • The install tool can now be enabled by creating a file called typo3conf/ENABLE_INSTALL_TOOL instead of having to remove the die() call in typo3/install/index.php after each upgrade (by Michael Stucki)
  • Added hook to tcemain that is executed on deletion of records
  • Lots of important bugfixes related to M:M relation handling, PHP 5.2.0 compatibility, IRRE, indexed_search and the AJAX page tree

Thanks to the developers and all those who spotted bugs in the previous Betas!

Please test this release as much as possible, getting feedback is essential to ensure the quality of the new features. If you're e.g. using one of the new features in a project of yours already and discover bugs, please report them immediately to <link bugs.typo3.org/&gt;http://bugs.typo3.org/</link>!

To increase the chances of your bugs to get fixed in the final release, try to investigate the solution yourself, <link typo3.org/teams/bug-fixing/diff-and-patch/>create a "unified diff" patch</link> out of your changes and attach it to the bug report.
You can download the packages at https://get.typo3.org .

MD5 Sums:
35b9ff27ba6be72d53ad4419509169a6  dummy-4.1RC1.tar.gz
1058da3ec9f34862b527cbd20fc30f3e  dummy-4.1RC1.zip
c68b0089775d403ebcf809c574ef172d  typo3_src-4.1RC1.tar.gz
99c1567a61ae3334b628f1bce358fbe9  typo3_src-4.1RC1.zip
9fa99dbf7e28cda1513721370334c174  typo3_src+dummy-4.1RC1.zip