The New Faces Behind TYPO3 Core Development

Categories: Development Created by Benni Mack
You will see some new and old people maintaining TYPO3 Core and its components from now on.

Today, I’m proud to announce the faces behind future Core development:

Component Mergers

Component mergers are allowed to merge proposed changes that only touch a specific area:

Extbase & Plugin API, Alexander Schnitzler

Alexander is heading Extbase development, and you’ve seen significant work in the past year already in this area. More changes are underway, making Extbase faster and easier to understand for developers.

Logging API, Arno Schoon

Arno is leading the Logging API area, where he has lot of experience already in past projects at his company. Taking v9’s efforts and bringing Logging to the next level with easier configuration and better integration to TYPO3’s Backend.

CLI Integration, Benjamin Franzke

Benjamin has made a huge effort to bring PSR-15 integration into TYPO3 v9 and is already heading for further improvements to work on CLI components together with Helmut Hummel and myself.

Fluid + Performance/Caching, Claus Due

No other than Claus Due is taking over the job of maintaining his masterpiece Fluid as a separate component and plugging into TYPO3. He’s also responsible for further performance improvements.

Workflows and Workspaces UX, Daniel Sattler

Daniel has been a silent contributor to TYPO3 core since version 6.0, where he is attributed for taking the first steps away from prototype.js towards a unified loading experience with RequireJS. As his work is mainly focused on client-side development with a strong UX focus, he’s now responsible for making the UX of Workspaces better.

RTE + Content Editing, Josef Glatz

Josef has been highly interested once CKEditor4 was integrated into TYPO3 v8 to improve documentation and ease editor experience in this area. Next to upgrading to CKEditor 5, he’ll also provide easier ways to customize and to integrate the RTE experience into TYPO3.

Persistence, Manuel Selbach

Manuel has shown some great efforts in making TYPO3 cross-DB compatible for implementing edge-case scenario in non-MySQL environments for TYPO3 v8 and v9. He’s now responsible for improving everything related to persisting data within TYPO3 — Extbase, DataHandler and future APIs.

Form Framework, Ralf Zimmermann

Ralf is the author of the form extension, which allows Fluid-based forms and an easy to use point-and-click editor which was integrated in TYPO3 v8. He’s continuing to develop this component with further additions.

Issue Reporting, Riccardo De Contardi

If you’ve ever opened a ticket for TYPO3 Core, you’ve probably stumbled over Riccardo’s name. He’s the one trying to reproduce all various scenarios to nail down the actual reason why something is not working as expected in TYPO3 Core. Rather than actual merging, his specialty is focused on keeping our issue tracker clean.

SEO, Richard Haeser

Richard as the original author of the integrated SEO extension, included in TYPO3 v9, will focus on areas to improve this extension and keep TYPO3 up-to-date to the latest development in this regard.

Framework Mergers

Framework mergers will be reviewing and merging your proposed changes to the core, if they fit our coding standards and common API development. Let us introduce you to:

  • Andreas Fernandez
  • Anja Leichsenring
  • Benjamin Franzke
  • Daniel Goerz
  • Frank Nägler
  • Georg Ringer
  • Richard Haeser
  • Tobi Kretschmann

Read more about the new structure on our new core development page.

The TYPO3 Product Team, consisting of Susanne Moog, Oliver Hader and Tymoteusz Motylewski, and myself are super excited to work together with these great people to build a better experience for all TYPO3 users in the coming versions.

Happy coding, reviewing and merging!

Benni Mack
TYPO3 Project Lead