Sacha Vorbeck @ TYCON3

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TYCON3 was held from september 8 - 11. Over 200 people attended the First International TYPO3 Conference. It was great to see that both accessibility speeches attracted so many people. Our accessibility man, Sacha Vorbeck, has won second prize for best speech of TYCON3. At his talk the room was really packed and it was a big success. Sacha was only topped by Robert Lemke, who in his witty ways held a talk about his baby TemplaVoila. Here is what Sacha had to say about the fact that he won a prize.

<blockquote>"Can you imagine that? A speech about accessiblity wins a price? If you would`ve told me that two years ago I would`ve laughed my ass off.</blockquote>

So folks we can conclude that we are on the right track at the Content Rendering Group. I can also announce that the group has started serious plans to get things started in order to get TYPO3 4.0 XHTML compliant.