Results of the TYPO3 Association Elections 2016

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The TYPO3 Association (T3A) communicates the results of the 2016 elections for the Expert Advisory Board (EAB) and Business Control Committee (BCC). The TYPO3 Association gladly welcomes the new members and thanks the leaving ones for their commitment and collaboration in the past years.
The TYPO3 Association elections that took place between March 23 and April 3 2016, have given the following results:

Elected T3A Expert Advisory Board members:

Dominik Stankowski  Dominik is part of the current EAB. He was living in Cambodia for 8 years where he started Web Essentials Co., Ltd in 2010. He organized 2 TYPO3 conferences in Asia with over 500 attendees from over 20 different countries. Since beginning of this year, he moved to Switzerland where he founded Web Essentials GmbH, a company which will equally be an active member of the TYPO3 community. Dominik "In regards to work in the EAB, it has always been important to me that responsibilities are clear and work is done efficiently and consistently. I will continue to stand up for these principles. I value personal interaction, clear communication, and a forward-looking strategy. I have experience working cross-culturally and I believe this experience is important to further position the TYPO3 project internationally."

Robert Lindh Running PIXELANT one of Scandinavias biggest TYPO3 agency. Been around the TYPO3 community for 13 years and a true evangelist for the platform. Rino Razzi Since 2010 he is organizing the T3Camp Italia events and in the last 2 years the TYPO3 Day events at Internet Festival of Pisa: "Nonetheless I'd like to continue and increase my effort in and for the TYPO3 community. I think that having people from different countries in the official positions of the TYPO3 Association could help spreading TYPO3 in other countries. That's why I decided to run for a position in the EAB."

Elected T3A Business Control Committee members:

 Result BCC election 2016 Jochen Weilland Jochen is member of the BCC for the past 4 years: "I would like to continue contributing with my work in that committee. In the BCC we are making sure that the funds of the TYPO3 Association are used according to the approved budgets and we issue a yearly report to the members at the General Assembly." Marco Klawonn Marco is member of the BCC since two years and is happy for his re-election. To the leaving members of both Board and EAB, Michael Stucki (EAB), Martin Wiederkehr (EAB), and Danijela Weißgräber (Board), a big and sincere thank you for the effort and time you dedicated to the TYPO3 Association and to the TYPO3 Project. We all have enjoyed working together as a group and wish to be able to count further on your support and presence in the TYPO3 world.