Releasing TYPO3 v8.2

Categories: Development Created by TYPO3 CMS Core Team
Today, the TYPO3 community published the next iteration of TYPO3 v8, the enterprise content management system. TYPO3 v8.2 is a sprint release, a stable release on the way to the final TYPO3 v8 LTS planned for spring 2017.
The last eight weeks since the last sprint release have been mainly used to further push the integration of <link http: projects dbal.html>Doctrine DBAL as a database layer replacement. We’ve seen a lot of patches from a large amount of different contributors in a lot of corners of the TYPO3 core. However, there is still a lot to do. After all, there are more than 1700 places in the TYPO3 core where database access is needed - and all of them need to be changed.
The efforts to stabilize the future releases even further have continued by including more than 200 unit tests since TYPO3 v8.1. Additionally, a further quality assurance check was added by adding so-called “pre-merge” tests - checking the whole TYPO3 core before a possible change is added to the TYPO3 core. The test infrastructure was also optimized, the test tool PHPUnit was updated as well.
Some additional security measurements that are available with PHP7 have been integrated. A lot of other changes are currently in the works, which include the final removal of the ExtJS framework by porting all relevant components to native JavaScript or jQuery equivalents. As these changes still require work, anybody willing to help out - feel free to contact me directly.

ckeditor Integration Plans

Next to the cleanup progress in the area of Rich Text Editing, pixelant has offered help to ensure the integration of the <link http:>ckeditor Rich Text Editor as the new editing platform within TYPO3 Backend and for frontend editing. A separate campaign has already started to raise funds for development. The developers from pixelant will work hand-in-hand with the TYPO3 Core Team to make sure that ckeditor will make it in one of the next sprint releases.
If you’re interested to sponsor the project, see the <link http: crowdfunding>Crowdfunding page.

Download TYPO3 v8.2

You can find TYPO3 v8.2.0 on our <link>downloads page as compressed zip file, get it via <link https: composer>Composer or try out the <link https: tuurlijk typo3.homestead>virtual machine to play around with the latest development version.


The current 8.2 release is the next step of further sprint releases on the <link>road to TYPO3 CMS 8 LTS which is planned to be ready in spring 2017. Version 8.3 will be released in September 2016, some features are already pending to be included in 8.3.