Release of TYPO3 version 6.0 beta2

Categories: Development Created by Christian Kuhn
Since 6.0 beta1 feature freeze is in effect main development focus of beta2 was on stabilization and bugfixing.  Within short time period between beta1 and beta2, over onehundred patches went into the core. There are still lots of things to do for a stable release and several important patches are already in the pipeline and waiting for reviews and testing.  As usual, we call for every helping hand out there to test this beta2 as thoroughly as possible, to report issues and help fixing and reviewing.

Stabilizing the unit tests

Unit tests are becoming a more and more important safeguard for a stable core system. A lot of effort was taken to stabilize the tests itself and to fix lots of side effects. As a result, it is now much easier to add further core tests. The automatic test system on now executes more than 4200 tests for each commit. This code system will be further improved during our continuous integration sprint that will take place at Linz from September 20th to 23rd. 

Bugfixes for Namespace change

The big namespace change done before beta1 was further stabilized, especially to maintain better backwards compatibility. Because of a bug in PHP versions lower than 5.3.7 we had to include an additional compatibility layer within the class loader mechanism to support systems with such PHP versions. Distributions like the current Debian GNU/Linux stable 'squeeze' edition will now run smoothly with TYPO3 6.0. Furthermore, several other core extensions like "Form" still had problems with namespaces and should now be working.

File Abstraction Layer

Even though (or because) FAL is part of the core since the very beginning of TYPO3 6.0 development, our focus was more on different things than this major feature. With improved testing effort after the beta1 release, several problems poped up but are are now already partly solved with beta2.

Further changes and bugfixes

  • The new extension manager got several fixes, especially the configuration of extensions should be much more stable now. 
  • As usual, lots of other smaller issues throughout the core were tackled. 
  • The language and language fallback handling was improved and the new language module got some first usability fixes.

Further development

The focus for the next release will be further stabilization and bugfixing. Special thanks goes to all non core team members helping with development, making this release possible.

Check it out 

You can download the packages on our download page. MD5 checksums:
08f62e08cf54f36e70c085765c421caa blankpackage-6.0.0beta2.tar.gz 49c8bfbe08ed81ef61d9c62b8344fb53 8cf061e5987bd83dfd804df17210ad80 dummy-6.0.0beta2.tar.gz 2dde9cead4277460e6f29dc157f07cb5 dbdc0b7f22cb17473b5525dde809fca7 governmentpackage-6.0.0beta2.tar.gz 4f269fba3bc5b7b72f09deb6e8b0b87e 0472cc174701f0ac00865236c1778ef1 introductionpackage-6.0.0beta2.tar.gz ea46020f25edccf5efd76705b40f8e7b 4d7a6fef18ddb8a6dde6a16cfa8f7621 23353e9738981e5e802f110cc5e33de9 typo3_src-6.0.0beta2.tar.gz 7e7402d08163c1d8ec9ce01d37f66968