Release candidates of stable TYPO3 CMS branches available

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Release candidate packages for TYPO3 CMS 4.5.26, 4.7.11 and 6.0.5 available
Today, the TYPO3 Community published release candidates of the three TYPO3 CMS stable versions. These are pre-releases for the upcoming releases: 
  • 4.5.26
  • 4.7.11
  • 6.0.5
In the past weeks - and especially during the recent code sprints - lots of bug fixes were made not only to the head of the development branch (which will be TYPO3 CMS 6.1). Several issues were also fixed in the stable branches along the way.
After the latest release of 4.5.25, this branch got more than 40 important patches, and even more were applied to 4.7 since 4.7.10. For the 6.0 branch, 170 new patches will be included in the 6.0.5 release, including improvements and stabilizations of the extension manager and the API of the File Abstraction Layer.
The review process of core patches - based on a six eye principle - is solid and works well: every patch was reviewed and well tested, so we are confident that everything works as expected. Still, due to the sheer number of recently merged patches, the potential of new regressions is naturally higher.
Therefore, the core team asks the TYPO3 community and users to test the release candidates as much as possible to confirm everything works in your use cases, too. With your appreciated help we can build the next stable releases of our beloved product and ensure it is free of additional glitches. If you find any issue, please report it to the <link http: projects typo3v4-core issues _blank>TYPO3 CMS core issue tracker so we have a chance to take care within the next days (if it's a regression, not present in previous releases, please set the issues's "Category" field to "Regression" so that they are more easily identified). Download the release candidate packages
  • <link http: projects typo3 files _blank>TYPO3 CMS 4.5.26-RC1
  • <link http: projects typo3 files _blank>TYPO3 CMS 4.7.11-RC1
  • <link http: projects typo3 files _blank>TYPO3 CMS 6.0.5-RC1
MD5 checksums
03b6d5e175b8f57d184bb19b870e540b blankpackage-4.5.26rc1.tar.gz
14ccd931e8121825234fb81b96160a2c dummy-4.5.26rc1.tar.gz
4b18fadf2745f1292aab9dd8951e02f6 introductionpackage-4.5.26rc1.tar.gz
638c6b29ef9c32275456f17fb9a2019f typo3_src-4.5.26rc1.tar.gz
8a3dfc815fd06c1ac2607ae8913c1cb1 blankpackage-4.7.11rc1.tar.gz
1e1f7e90ec56974389eedd25b6df78c9 dummy-4.7.11rc1.tar.gz
03a9b5ff354979eb1973b8e20cd6d8c0 typo3_src-4.7.11rc1.tar.gz
dd54b7098492754fb7582705cfbbf4de blankpackage-6.0.5rc1.tar.gz
6749a75d0ed67b2cfd06ee1e9db0b8d1 dummy-6.0.5rc1.tar.gz
9ca9a199def67b1d5d569018f9565f3f governmentpackage-6.0.5rc1.tar.gz
32ffab07f43b09c7a24da89776dcfc90 introductionpackage-6.0.5rc1.tar.gz
77765f311fb4c39854ffcbb897a5aa57 typo3_src-6.0.5rc1.tar.gz