jweiland.net becomes Platinum Member of the TYPO3 Association

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TYPO3 Hosting Specialist strengthens commitment to the Enterprise Content Management System.
Stuttgart, April 15, 2014 - When the TYPO3 Association was founded, jweiland.net joined as one of the first Silver members. Five years ago the membership was upgraded to the Gold level. "In order to demonstrate our continued commitment to TYPO3 and to reflect the size and growth of our business, we are now upgrading our membership to the Platinum level. Besides that we continue to sponsor many of the TYPO3 community events and contribute to the program code with manpower and extensions", says Jochen Weiland, the owner of the agency. He continues: "By focussing on TYPO3 our customers benefit from our expertise in consulting, development, hosting, training and support services. In order to help users we also published about 200 training videos for TYPO3 free of charge on our web site". With an annual fee of 10,500 EUR the Platinum members contribute to the future development of TYPO3.

About jweiland.net

Since 2002 jweiland.net is providing hosting and services for TYPO3. With over 32,000 domains it is one of the leading hosting companies specializing in TYPO3 hosting world wide.  <link http: jweiland.net>