Going for one last round

Categories: Documentation Created by François Suter
I have been leading the Documentation Team for several years and am planning to resign at the end of 2014.
This was announced inside the team in October 2013 and published in the related meeting minutes, but I guess only a few people noticed that fact. Hence this more official although belated announcement. Many things happened during these years. Obviously the highlight was the move away from OpenOffice to reStructuredText (after an attempt at DocBook). Thanks to this all TYPO3 community projects (CMS, Flow, Neos) are using the same format and can be hosted on the same platform. It also made it easier to maintain documentation. The TYPO3 CMS manuals have never been as up to date since Kasper first wrote them (although some parts are still outdated). We are not yet finished with docs.typo3.org, but it's making nice progress. The team also runs smoothly, with efficient team meetings and a roadmap of what we want to achieve.  The lack of manpower is of course an issue and there would always be far more to do than we can really manage. Nothing new for open source projects, but wearying in the long run. However I don't complain, I am happy about all what we achieved. I am just feeling tired of the responsibility. I also want to free some of time for other projects, not necessarily related to TYPO3, but definitely community-oriented too. Maybe I will have opportunities to share them with you in the future. This is not yet a farewell, just an announcement, so that you (yes, I'm looking at you) can start thinking about stepping in my shoes. Candidates are welcome.