Events Committee: call for participation

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One of the tasks of the TYPO3 Association is to organize events for our community. Currently we organize the TYPO3 Developer Days, T3CON, Certifuncation and the Snowboard tour.

These events are organized by different groups of enthusiastic people from the community, and as Association we support that. The first quarter of this year we interviewed many people from the community who are involved with the organisation of TYPO3 events. From these talks we deduced that there is a need for optimizing the process of organizing events.

That’s why we are looking for committee members. We are aiming for a 4 member committee of volunteers who are interested and in a way experienced in process optimization and/or events organization. Interested? Than read on!

Why we are doing this

Basically every event is identical. Only the goal, culture and ambiance are different. With the work from the Event Committee we aim to make the organization of events less time consuming so that more people are willing to help organizing an event. Also, with the work of the Event Committee we hope to prevent frustrating mistakes.

The TYPO3 Events Committee

At present the TYPO3 Events Committee is in reengineering mode. Board members of the TYPO3 Association have taken the task to kickstart this Committee again.

With the 4 people that form the new Events Committee, we won’t be organizing events, only facilitating and optimizing the organization of events. It creates and maintains the runbook, the selection of event partners, and works towards benchmarks of costs, all in the aim of simplifying the organisation of successful events.

First point of Contact (SPoC) in the Association for the Events Committee is the Vice President: Ric van Westhreenen. 

Interested to join?

If you want to become one of the 4 members of the Event Committee, like to optimize processes, and work towards the ingredients for a successful events cookbook, please contact us by writing an e-mail to Ric van Westhreenen. 

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