Code Sprints for TYPO3 6.0

Categories: Development Created by Helmut Hummel
Announcing the topics and dates for the upcoming codesprints for TYPO3 6.0
Code Sprints are very productive and fun. That is why we decided to do a couple of sprints on certain topics for the TYPO3 6.0 release. The topics were selected to be in line with our major goals and we’re looking forward to the results. 
Each sprint will last four days, from Thursday to Sunday with 6 up to 8 participants. If you are interested in one or the other topic and would like to join, do not hesitate to contact us.


Arranging such sprints is quite expensive. Travel and accommodation costs should be covered for the participants since they are already spending their time and energy to create a better product. A small amount of the costs can covered from the budget which has been granted to the Core Development Team, but any additional support is appreciated. You can become a value sponsor for one particular or all sprints or just pay certain things like food for one day. All sponsors will of course be mentioned within the reports which will be published after every sprint. If you want to become a sponsor, just get in touch with <link>me. And these are the sprints we have planned:

Refactoring and Enhancing the Bootstrap (June 14th  - 17th) 

The code that is executed on every request to initialize the environment and prepare everything for the actual “work” to be done is called “Bootstrap”. Optimizing this code without refactoring it, turned out to be hardly possible. Thankfully Christian Kuhn did the first steps to disentangle some parts. This will be a good basis for this first sprint to further refactor, centralize and improve the code. Doing so will most likely improve the performance of the whole system.

UI/ Usability (July 5th - 8th)

Improving the usability of the backend is a major goal for 6.0. Some things already happend, some are still in the plans. This sprint has the goal to coordinate and create concepts for an easier and more usable TYPO3.

Extbase and Fluid (July 19th - 22th)

The Extbase framework has become an important part of the TYPO3 codebase. For 6.0 we already migrated some modules to use Extbase which makes them future proof and maintainable. In doing so we found some rough edges and missing parts which are planned to be worked on at this sprint.

Distributions & Packages (August 9th - 12th)

TYPO3 not only comes with the bare sources but also with ready to explore and to use distributions, namely the Introduction Package and the Gouvernment Package. This sprint aims to give these Distributions some love, so that they use the lates concepts and features of TYPO3 6.0

Quality Assurance/ Continuous Integration (September 20th - 23th)

One major goal for TYPO3 6.0 is to improve the code quality. This is hardly possible without a special infrastructure that can execute automated tests. We already have but until now it supports only a fraction of what could be possible. This sprint aims to work on both the TYPO3 code, the infrastructure and the documentation to improve our automated quality assurance workflow.