Call for budget application ideas - TYPO3 Association Budget 2019

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The Expert Advisory Board (EAB) presents the available funds and asks the TYPO3 community to submit their ideas for the 2019 TYPO3 Association budget.

Total Funds available for 2019

In coordination with the Treasurer of the TYPO3 Association, the EAB is releasing the available budget sum for 2019. By releasing the budget amount earlier than in previous years we want to increase transparency, put the application process in a realistic context and encourage applicants to apply for the funds available.

Total Funds available for 2019: €900,000

Please consider this amount a forecast - it may change according to the actual financial situation.

Distribution of Funds

As explained earlier, the funds will be distributed among 3 pools:

Innovation, Education and Events Pool

Budgeted amount: €250,000

For this pool, we have a transparent two-step application process. The first step is for the TYPO3 community members to submit their ideas via the short form below. We have made the process so simple that it should not take an applicant longer than 15 minutes to contribute their idea.

Ideas can be submitted from now until 14th October 2018:
Submit your budget application idea

For the second step, the ideas will be put forward for rating in the Association member poll before a final strategic selection is made by the EAB. The selected ideas will be eligible for a budget application submission.

Development Pool

Budgeted amount: €350,000 (according to GA 2016 and 2017)

This pool is available for the TYPO3 core team to fund development and product marketing initiatives. It is managed on behalf of the core team by TYPO3 GmbH. Applications for funding need to be submitted to TYPO3 GmbH.

TYPO3 GmbH is responsible for the management of this budget via their own accountability structure. By making this budget pool available, the TYPO3 Association remains the largest single funder of the initiatives of the TYPO3 core team and thus contributes heavily to the further development of the TYPO3 CMS product.

Infrastructure Pool

Budgeted amount: €300,000

This pool is available for the TYPO3 Association board to fund operational and infrastructure work. It includes budget positions for contracts with vendors and regular service providers (e.g. data center for hosting, legal assistance), coverage of travel expenses and work time expenses for maintenance costs. New for 2018 will be that all travel expenses from the infrastructure pool will be paid out of a central pot that is the responsibility of the Association president. The advantage of this is that travel costs can be streamlined and leftover budget identified more easily throughout the year.

There is one combined budget application for this infrastructure pool.

Member Involvement

The members of the TYPO3 Association stay involved in the budget process. The following opportunities exist to contribute and give feedback:

Member Poll

In October, the EAB will ask its members to rate the ideas submitted to the Innovation, Education and Events Pool and to give feedback to the distribution of funds in the other two pools. The EAB will take the results of the member poll into consideration for the finalization of the 2019 Association budget and strategy.

Submission of Ideas

The submission of ideas to the Innovation, Education and Events pool is open to everyone and we would like to encourage the TYPO3 Association members to play an active role here. We have a larger budget amount available than in earlier years for strategic positioning of TYPO3, and this is a unique chance to contribute.


The EAB remains available by email to answer your questions and will publish a consolidated FAQ should the need arise.

Contact the EAB: eab(at)

Budget Committee

We will start now, to set up a budget committee, which will be responsible to do the whole budget process (initiate, evaluate ideas, check budgets during the year.). The committee will be lead by one member of the Board of the TYPO3 Assocation. Any member who likes to be part of the committee can apply via mail  eab(at)


The budget process for the 2019 Association budget is now launched. We are looking forward to receiving your ideas and feedback.