August (2015) diary of the TYPO3 Association

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With the holidays over, August has been a working month for the TYPO3 Association, which started with an interesting Quarterly Summit (QSA) in Karlsruhe.
 Quarterly Summit TYPO3 Association (QSA) -3/2015 The third QSA of the year took place in Karlsruhe on August 10 and August 11. Once more, the meeting has been kindly hosted by <link https: _blank>Flagbit, which we warmly thank. What have we been talking about during these two intense days?
  • Formalizing the Neos split: a Letter of Understanding has been issued, approved, and signed by the TYPO3 Association. This letter outlines formal steps through which the TYPO3 and the Neos Community will proceed by taking separate ways. The Letter of Understanding has been submitted to the Neos team to be signed.
  • Scenario 3, also known as TYPO3 Inc: having the approval of the members of giving shape to a TYPO3 company, Alain Veuve, the change agent, is doing the work of brainstorming, collecting the needed information, and of forming a team that will work closely with him on this task. A separate article on this will follow.
  • The TYPO3 Association's bylaws changes that have been approved at the General Assembly 2015 have also been submitted to the designated lawyer. You will be informed as soon as a new final version of the bylaws will be available.
  • Trademarks process: handling the trademarks' issues communicated to the TYPO3 Association, as well as the registration submitted by the members, request a great amount of time to be invested. We are therefore trying to optimize the process. For this, a team will be built.
  • The Team leaders and Board meetings that have been discussed at the TYPO3 Dialogue Days 2015 have now started. Each team leader or one of the team's representatives joins a call once a month, to which EAB and Board members take part as well. The aim here is to improve the communication and the collaboration between the different teams and groups. The first meeting took place on August 27.
  • Successors 2016: for some of the Board and EAB members their mandate will end at the beginning of 2016. Should you have interest in being part of a group that is strongly involved in shaping the future of TYPO3, get in contact with us (Naike or the Board directly).
New Platinum Members Mathias Schreiber from <link http:>WMDB Systems and Benni Mack from <link http:>b:dreizehn are dedicating themselves full or part-time to the product's development and success; this working time is kindly offered by their employers. With the aim of recognising the efforts made and the time invested for contributing to TYPO3 CMS' development, the TYPO3 Association has approved the status of Platinum Members for WMDB Systems and b:dreizehn for one year. CMS Release Roadmap For those that might have missed or lost the path that our beloved product is taking, here you can find a <link https: typo3-cms roadmap>Roadmap of the development of TYPO3 CMS by the core team.  Change of the Executive Secretary's Title In order to have a more representative title of the tasks that Naike is involved with at the TYPO3 Association, her job title has been modified to "Operations Officer". However, Naike's <link http: association how-it-works operations-officer>job description  won't change. Upcoming events: Let us remind you that TYPO3 will again be present at the <link http: events community-events typo3-day-at-internet-festival-2015 _blank>Internet Festival 2015 (Pisa) and that the <link http: _blank>TYPO3 Conference Europe is getting closer (21-22.10.2015).  Moreover, in September the Marketing Team will visit Frankfurt, Utrecht, and Munich with their TYPO3 Agency Meetup Days. If you did not enrol yet but you would be interested in joining a meetup, you can register <link https: forms d viewform _blank>here. Become a member now!

If you are not a TYPO3 Association member yet and would like to become one, please get in touch with Naike (naike.schulthess(at) or visit our <link https: collections memberships _blank>online shop to purchase your membership now. If you wish to upgrade your affiliation level instead, be in contact with the back office, they are always happy to help you. Follow <link https: typo3assoc _blank>@TYPO3Assoc on Twitter.