4.5beta4 will be released on Wednesday instead of RC1

Categories: Development Created by Ernesto Baschny
Today on the release teams meeting we decided to release a last beta (beta4) on Wednesday instead of the planned RC1.
The original plan was to release 4.5 RC1 this week, potentially a RC2 in the week to follow and 4.5.0 on 26th January. In the development of all new features we have seen a leap forward in reaching a stable product since beta1. The goal is to release a very stable 4.5.0 at the end. The list of open issues is continually decreasing, but we will still have some known open issues this Wednesday, which is why we cannot call this release a "release candidate". The change means that the release plan is now the following:
  • 4.5 beta4: 12.01.2011
  • 4.5 RC1: 19.01.2011
  • 4.5.0 Final: 26.01.2011
Beta4 will also finally mark the end of the work done on the labels, so that the translations can be done after the translation server upgraded to beta4. Regardless of that, the German and Dutch translations are almost done, and the French and other important languages will follow shortly afterwards. Work on translations can continue even after the release, as the translations are not shipped with the core but fetched from the translation server on demand. We invite you to participate on these last steps. There is a rewarding feeling of making this long term support release the best release ever. Having participated in getting it done will definitively make you feel good. If that is not enough, we also still have some money to get some payed man-power working on certain critical areas. If you have time, but need money and have an "itch" that is scratching in the current 4.5 development, get in touch with the release team (Ernesto or Steffen) to help finding a solution (be it testing, reviewing or fixing bugs). Read more about our last release team meeting in the <link http: forge.typo3.org projects typo3v45-projects wiki minutes_26th_meeting_2011-01-10 wiki-page>Minutes 26th Meeting 2011-01-10.