Style Guide, Assets and More Related Information on this Page.

This style guide provides you with the basic rules for the usage of the TYPO3 Logo, the Share font and how to apply the TYPO3 style online and in print.

In assets you can download TYPO3 logo in different formats and other important TYPO3 relevant information for the colors and fonts. With preset data you can easy start your Indesign document or presentation.

Thank You for Your Work!

Style Guide

TYPO3 CMS Print Style Guide.


CSS Style Guide

A Basic CSS Style Guide for Your Webproject. 



Logos, Colors and Other Useful Stuff to Import into Your Project.


Preset Data

Get Your Print or Presentation Preset to Give You an Easy Start.


Do you Have Any Questions?

If you have any trouble using this style guide, please don't hesitate to contact us via Slack or mail to designteam(at)