System Requirements for TYPO3

It doesn't take a degree in engineering to get TYPO3 up an running. Below you will find the facts and figures you need to get started with your first project.

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Server (System)

  Supported Infrastructure Recommended
Middleware PHP 5.5 or later

PHP 7.0 or later
Any PHP-Cache (e.g. APCu / PHP-Accelerator / OPcache / Zend Accelerator, UNIX/Linux only)
PHP modules "soap", "zlip", "gdlib" and "openssl"

Database MySQL 5.5+
MariaDB 10.0
or any database system supported by Doctrine DBAL 
MySQL 5.5 or later
Operating System Unix (e.g. Linux), Windows, Mac OS


Web Server Apache, IIS, NGINX

Apache with mod_gzip/mod_deflate/mod_rewrite

Hardware At least 256 MB of RAM. As with all database-driven applications, more RAM is advisable


Image Processing Library   GraphicsMagick or ImageMagick for image processing

Further individual extensions may require additional software.

Client (User) for the Administration Interface (Backend)

  Required Recommended
Browser Any graphical browser on any operating system
with JavaScript enabled

Google Chrome (latest)
Mozilla Firefox (latest)
Apple Safari (latest)
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+ (support for IE 9 and IE10 is available for TYPO3 v7 LTS and below)

Note: Memory Consumption

There are currently parts of TYPO3 CMS requiring more than the default memory configured in the php.ini files of most PHP installations. Usually, that memory limit is ignored unless support for it has been compiled into PHP (or if you are running PHP as CGI) and will not cause any problems. Nevertheless, we recommend you configure for at least 128 MB memory, although 256 MB or more is better

For further, detailed information please refer to the detailed installation instructions file or consult the file in the appropriate distribution.