Certification FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about TYPO3 Certification

We have collected our answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Why should I get certified?

There are plenty of good reasons to get yourself certified:

For TYPO3 CMS Customers: To assure the selected service supplier has the knowledge to implement a correctly configured and successful TYPO3 solution.

For the TYPO3 CMS Project: To establish a strong and professional presence on the market by promoting skilled specialists offering professional TYPO3 CMS services.

For TYPO3 CMS Professionals: To train and test their skills and to present themselves as certified professionals to the market.

For YOU: You are an important part of our TYPO3 Community!

How does the exam work?

The exam consists of multiple choice questions in English and you have 60 minutes (TCCE and TCCC) / 90 minutes (TCCI and TCCD)  to complete the test.

How can I prepare myself for the exam?

You can improve your knowledge about TYPO3 by reading the documents suggested in the syllabi linked above. Also, the following books are helping you with your preparation:

For editors, integrators and developers SkillPaths are also available on SkillDisplay for preparation. You might find these helpful. 

Where and when can I take the exam?

We currently offer live exams at plenty of community events like CertiFUNcation ot TYPO3 Camps. The possibility to file certifications online will be available in Summer / Fall 2020. The release date will be communicated as soon as it is defined. 

Can I take the exam in my native language?

The exams are all in the English language. 

Can I just walk in and take the exam?

You need to register in advance for all exams. This also applies to the online certifications via the new platform, since a proctoring takes place here.

Do I have to bring anything with me?

Please be prepared to identify yourself with a passport or identity card. If you fail to identify, you will forfeit your exam attempt.

You may not take any personal items into the exam room, including all bags, books, notes, phones, pagers, watches, and wallets.

Can I bring my own notebook / book / paper / pencil?

We will provide you with everything you need; you must not take anything with you into the exam room.

Can I contribute questions?

Yes, we want to extend our pool of questions steadily. If you want to take part in that you are very welcome, please contact the education committee.

Do I get a refund if I don't pass?

No. Sorry!

Do I have to sign off if I decide not to come?

If you wish to cancel your online exam, you must cancel online 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. Canceling an exam less than 48 hours before your appointment or missing your exam will result in losing your exam fees.

Live Certification enrollment is not subject to cancellation.

TYPO3 will not be held responsible for expenses incurred beyond the cost of the test, including but not limited to travel expense and lost wages on the day of the test.

What happens if I do not show up for the exam?

If you do not sign off 48 hours in advance at all and fail to attend the exam, you will be charged the full amount.

Can I get a group discount?

We are sorry, at the moment we do not offer group discounts.

Is there a discount for TYPO3 Association members?

For all live exam events and registrations there are discounted prices for Association Members. Vouchers are no longer required.

Will I be informed immediately on whether I passed?

Yes, you'll get the information right after finishing your exam, except for live exams; if you assess a live exam, we will notify you within 1-2 weeks via e-mail.

If I pass, what do I get?

You get a printed certificate signed by the TYPO3 Association. It will take a couple of weeks (at least three weeks) until you get that by snail mail. We will list your name on the TYPO3 certification website. Additionally, you can place a certification banner on your website.

Do you inform me about my exam score details?

No, we do not reveal any information about your score and we also will not publicly disclose the cut score or the pass rate for any exam.

A group of renowned TYPO3 subject matter experts (SME) is evaluating the questions. We combine their ratings to assess the difficulty level of each question. The questions in a particular exam are randomly taken from a large question pool. Thus exams do not necessarily have the same degree of difficulty. In other words: When you take an exam with lots of easy questions the cut score will be higher than in an exam with many difficult questions. Comparing correct answers or cut scores between exams never makes sense.

Am I granted access to the exam results?

No, there is no such possibility.

How long is the certification valid?

The certificate is valid for 24 months from the issue date. You can visit our yearly TYPO3 CertiFUNcation event to extend the validity of the certificate once for an additional 12 months.

Can I take the exam again if I do not pass?

Yes, you can take the exam as many times as you like, but after every failed attempt there will be a three months waiting period until you can try again.

Can I disclose questions from the exam I remember for any purpose?

You need to sign a non-disclosure agreement before taking the exam. Not following the non-disclosure agreement will lead to a revocation of all your certifications and a permanent ban from all future certifications.

Can I use the term 'Certified TYPO3 CMS ...' on my resume, CV or business card?

Before using any certification badge or calling yourself «TYPO3 CMS Certified ...», you will be required to pass the certification examination. Also, you must receive notice from the TYPO3 Association stating that (1) you may use that particular certification banner and (2) you are allowed to call yourself «TYPO3 CMS Certified [Editor|Integrator|Developer|Consultant]».

Can I get an additional copy of my printed certificate?

Yes, you can get an additional print out of our certificate. The cost for the additional print out are 25€. Please create a Ticket and provide all needed information.