Why should you become a certified integrator?

During the past year the TYPO3 CMS became one of the most important players within the CMS market. In this time the expectations of customers were growing continuously – web agencies became information consultancies.

With its growing success the functionality but also the complexity of TYPO3 grew. Beside the basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, profound knowledge of the underlying technology became essential for successful projects.

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What are the costs involved?

How can you enroll to an exam?

Since 2013 the certification exam can be taken online, 24/7 worldwide, in cooperation with Pearson VUE. This will allow developers across the globe to certify and guarantee a benchmarked level of service to their customers - at any time and place.

As explained in the "Take the exam" section,  and follow the steps:

Certified TYPO3 CMS Integrators

Once you have successfully completed the examination, you will will receive your certificate and be automatically listed in the Certified TYPO3 CMS Integrators section. 

Validity of the TYPO3 CMS Integrator Certificate

Since September 1st, 2012 the TYPO3 certificate for the Certified TYPO3 Integrator expires 36 months after the issue date. The 36-month period ensures adequate security of investment for the Integrator and at the same time provides security for everyone who relies on the up-to-date nature of the certificate. With a time limit of three years the version restriction no longer applies, thus the certification does not have to be dependent upon version numbers. 

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