Javascript and Css Optimizer

Javascript and Css Optimizer

Implements Hooks for the PageRenderer to Compress Javascript and CSS and bundle these files to one single file.


TYPO3 version support

This version works for TYPO3 4.3.0 - 4.7.99
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Ensure that name of css cache file is unique for different combination of files (e.g. if you have several trees with different included css files)

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Extension key js_css_optimizer
Version 1.2.8 stable
Last updated March 25, 2013
First upload September 22, 2009
Downloads 4,061
Category Frontend
  • PHP (5.1.0)
  • TYPO3 (4.3.0 - 4.7.99)
Conflicts none
Manual Extension Manual
Username axeljung01
Author Axel Jung
Axel Jung

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