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    Certification Preparation Workshop at TYPO3Camp Bremen

    The TYPO3 Association offers a preparation workshop to provide future integrators with all the information and materials they need to pass the “Certified TYPO3 Integrator” exam successfully.

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    Long Term Support versions released on a regular basis

    Every two years, a version having Long Term Support (LTS) is released. It is supported for 3 years (12 months having all bugs fixed, 24 months having security updates).

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  • TYPO3 Neos 1.1 released

    Performance and stability

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What is TYPO3 CMS?

  • Open Source Enterprise CMS
  • Scalable Web Application Framework
  • Large, active global community
  • User friendly with unlimited extendability

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TYPO3 CMS Case Studies

Develop with TYPO3
 Develop with TYPO3 This website is the ultimate developer portal for webOS user. webOS is the system that powers Palm phones, tablets, and perhaps more. The TYPO3 website has to meet several needs: I
 Snapshot by TYPO3 With its firm commitment to developing high-quality, innovative and technologically advanced products that satisfy customer needs, Tamron secures its leading position in the global
 Become healthy with TYPO3 Philips DirectLife takes advantage of Philips' expertise in healthcare and technology to find innovative ways to help people live more active, healthier lives. DirectLife co
 Participate in a world race with TYPO3 Clipper Ventures Plc is the international marine events company founded by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston in 1995. The AIM-listed company owns the rights to the Clippe
 Logistics with TYPO3 Logwin is a logistics company with roots dating back to 1877. As an experienced partner, they can turn logistics into a strategic factor for success. Their 5,600 employees around
 Do politics with TYPO3 The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) is a transnational alliance between two European political parties: the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party and
 Wash with TYPO3 Silan is a fabric softener which not only makes the laundry soft, but gives it a long-lasting pleasant fragrance. Silan offers a broad range of fragrances. Using TYPO3, the products a
 Cost effective holidays with TYPO3 airline direct is a service provider for the touristic branch, which is in existence since 1998. The ranges of products are: Cost effective scheduled flights and ch
 Take a shower with TYPO3 Kaldewei offers bath, shower and whirlpool tub in the avant-garde versions, ambience and advantage. Kaldewei was founded in 1918, and today it is the fourth generation that i
 Invest with TYPO3 NIBC is the bank of choice for decisive financial moments. For every transaction they put together a hand-picked cross-discipline team from their Merchant Banking and Specialised Fi
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  • 51 Localizations
  • 6,005 Extensions
  • 9,998+ TYPO3 Features
  • 500,000+ Websites

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World's most used Open Source Enterprise CMS - 7,587,230 Downloads; 51 Localizations; 5,906 Modules & Extensions; 500,000+ Websites Worldwide

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29 Jul 2014
TYPO3 Usergroup Northrhine | Euregio

Geneickener Bahnhof, Otto-Saffran-Straße 102, 41238 Mönchengladbach, Germany


05.08 2014
TYPO3 User Group Munich

81539 München, Germany

08.08 2014
TYPO3Camp Bremen 2014

Bremen, Germany

14.08 2014
TYPO3 Usergroup Bodensee #t3see

Kreuzlingen, Switzerland


More events

24 Jul 2014
Community Tools Code Sprint

New AOE Offices, Kirchgasse 6 - http://goo.gl/xkAW11, Wiesbaden, Germany


24.07 2014
5. TYPO3 CMS Codesprint

Stuttgart, Germany

25.08 2014
TYPO3 Neos Code Sprint

Kiel, Germany

20.09 2014

38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany


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