Project Facts

  • Revenue:

    over 1 billion EUR

  • Number of pages:


  • Languages: 1

  • Country: Japan

Open Site


The website is an innovative presentation of a new product: the Yazaki PowerYZer. The Yazaki PowerYZer impresses with its ergonomic design and efficient charging process for electric cars. The challenge of the website is to make every feature visibly accessible through a landing page.

In order to solve this task optimally, we decided to use an exploded drawing. In conjunction with the accompanying scrollytelling, a special exploration tour is thus created, on which the user becomes familiar with the product. Due to the design, the complex product can be presented in many perspectives and dismantled into its individual parts.

The combination of high standard design technology and optimal user experience brings an extra value to an innovative product. The result is an optimal product page, which is fun and informs optimally.

About the company

YAZAKI is an automotive supplier from Japan who manufactures connectors, displays, combi switches and wiring kits. The company group consists of 165 subsidiaries and employs around 260,000 people in 44 countries worldwide. Customers include BMW, General Motors, Ford, Toyata, Jaguar Landrover, Nissan and Honda.

sunzinet AG


We are a full service internet agency with highest consulting and quality standards. Sunzinet realizes integral individual and custom-tailored solutions for the digital transformation processes. In order to offer an optimal price-performance ratio, at first we check if already existing solutions and systems can be used further. We develop barrier-free projects with TYPO3. In the area of e-commerce or online stores, we rely on Magento in combination with TYPO3.

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