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Together with TÜV NORD GROUP, Bitmotion developed one of their biggest projects yet - 50 Websites in 34 countries and 22 languages so far, including arabic/persian RTL right-to-left language. Starting from a legacy OpenText CMS (formerly RedDot), now all in one TYPO3.

Here are some highlights of this still growing and ongoing project.

Sophisticated multi-site / multi-language content and user management:
A TYPO3 with this many websites called for a complex but stable and easy to handle language and user concept, including extra technology layers e.g. providing a UI for the convenient translation of labels.

"Online Appointment Service" Module:
Visitors interested in making appointments for their vehicles can search for the closest TÜV NORD stations and book appointments for their various inspections directly in one go. The service is also fed from a pre-existing 3rd party API and allows for dynamic maps and the booking of several appointments at once, complete with download functionalities for Outlook/Google calendar.

"Job Market and Applications" Service:
Job offers from an existing 3rd party system are shown in lists and a dynamic map. It can be filtered in various ways for visitors to apply directly on the website, complete with bookmarking, overview of ongoing applications and saving of data and files for further applications.

The application is based on AngularJS to enable dynamic filtering without reloading the page, thus making it more user friendly.

"Events and Booking" Module:
Recurring events, multi-part events and even events yet without a fixed date are all possible and shown in one easy to access list. Online booking of these events is of course possible as well.

Apart from above highlights there are:

- Migration of selected content from OpenText CMS
- Enterprise search (latest Solr)
- Intelligent and dynamic contact/callback forms
- Adaptation of various extensions to fit the specific needs
- Many new TYPO3 content elements to reflect the new design
- several formerly external websites integrated into the TYPO3
- A redesign with a keen eye on responsive behaviour

The initial project alone was for scheduled over one year, with an incremental roll-out strategy. Which still is a tough timeline for a project of this size, worth mentioning that all deadlines were met.

In the process, Bitmotion worked closely with TÜV NORD GROUP as well as several 3rd party suppliers, based agile methods (Scrum). Thus Bitmotion could show results as early as possible in all project phases and were able to easily adapt their work to changing priorities and requirements.

About the company

TÜV NORD GROUP is a service provider in the field of technology and safety. Traditionally their activities revolve around mobility, energy, the environment, training and health and are supplemented by the business fields of natural resources, IT and aerospace. TÜV NORD GROUP is providing its customers with integrated support and a clear external view and objectivity. Their clients range from global players to regionally or locally oriented small and medium-sized enterprises as well as numerous organisations and institutions like the World Bank, the European Commission, the European Space Agency and the German Federal Environment Agency.

Bitmotion GmbH


Bitmotion is located in Hannover, up north in Germany.

With our team of 25 employees we are living modern concepts like Scrum, and are 100% dedicated to TYPO3-based web projects and professional services.
All sorts of medium and large size customers rely on our complete set of services and experiences, including TÜV NORD GROUP, University of Hannover, or Konica Minolta Europe.

Our core skills are related to the needs of global websites. This includes powerful handling of multilingual web projects, delivering web sites globally at great speed and implementing high availability TYPO3 systems. Furthermore we build individual solutions for Cross-Media Publishing, Technical Writing for DITA standards and have expert knowledge in integrating TYPO3 with a variety of systems architectures.

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