Sysmex Europe

Project Facts

  • Revenue:

    200-499 million EUR

  • Number of pages:


  • Languages: 10 or more

  • Country: Germany

Open Site


Sysmex Europe’s TYPO3 based relaunch follows the new design concept: lean and clean. It involved moving the local websites of the European subsidiaries to TYPO3. The new website combines a feature rich presentation of products, events, jobs and news as well as a thorough translation concept for sharing information across the several websites. A tagging mechanism on top lets users filter products, jobs, news and events to their personal needs. Podcasts, scientific images and documents are being attached to products, events and jobs and can be browsed by topic or scientific context. Highly differentiated user roles and rights grant access to multiple dozens of editors suiting their needs and capabilities. Despite the feature-packed Backend provided by TYPO3, the main focus remains on the user experience: Understanding the automation and analytical possibilities offered by Sysmex solutions.

Special Features:
Product presentation including Tag-based filtering, document attachments and PDF-Downloads including product information sharing across instances
Facetted search across all data: products, jobs, events, news and other data types
Flexible templating options for editorial emphasis of context and linking contents
Multiple Websites with each multiple languages and individual user groups
Operation in an High Availability/High Performance cluster
Significantly reduced Operation Cost

The marketing team instantly benefited from a faster action time and TYPO3’s easy user interface. The templating options provide the editors with a broad range of layout options to put emphasis on the benefits of their products and solutions for laboratory and clinic application and their context.
sitegeist has finished the first relaunch project phase in just 6 months followed by an ongoing roll out process of the local country websites. Beside the website development, sitegeist constantly implements new features and provides support to the marketing team and the editors.

About the company

Sysmex is a world leader in clinical laboratory systemization: diagnostics, automation and clinical information systems. Sysmex is dedicated on technological leadership in diagnostic science and information tools that make a difference in the health of people worldwide. Sysmex Europe is a subsidiary of Sysmex Corp, headquartered in Kobe, Japan, employing more than 6,000 worldwide.

sitegeist media solutions GmbH


The full service agency started in 1996 and is one of the leading TYPO3 agencies of the world. With 48 employees and certified developers sitegeist has successfully realized over 200 projects for prestigious clients, for example Sysmex, Hapag Lloyd Cruises, TUI, the German „jugend forscht“ youth research programme, Berenberg Bank, Körper Stiftung, Alfred-Wegener-Institut, Service-Bund and TRAVEL CHARME.

In addition to realize complex TYPO3 projects, with interface programming and individual extensions, the agency’s services also include specialist disciplines, for example digital strategies, re-launches, online marketing campaigns, usability, mobile solutions, social media marketing and conversion optimization.

sitegeist is Platinum Member of the TYPO3 Association and one of the biggest event sponsors of the community. The agency has also invented and organized the event „MEET TYPO3“ and won the TYPO3 Award for ecommerce in 2015.

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